NTT Data

Flexible Learning Delivers Greater Returns and Business Wins

NTT DATA is a leading IT services provider and global innovation partner headquartered in Tokyo, with business operations in over 50 countries, providing professional services from consulting and systems development to outsourcing.

Business Challenge

NTT Data Italy wanted to maximize its training budget by focusing on the key drivers of its local business. The company needed to enhance collaboration with consultants across the NTT Data international network to uncover sales opportunities in its local region.

There was a desire to improve the ratio of client wins from the business it pitched for, by fielding consulting teams with greater levels of English proficiency.

Finally, NTT Data was looking for more efficient training budget forecasting, with an ongoing digital measurement of consultant performance that could raise overall return on investment for internal training.


Learnship developed a flexible learning program for NTT Data that could be deployed instantly for individual learners as business needs arose.

Learnship Baseline was used to quickly on-board candidates, match them with the right level of learning program, and ensure consultants had the English proficiency required to respond to RFPs.

Trainer-led online programs were offered to accelerate learning with a flexible scheduling program that could accommodate last-minute demands, and help learners develop the specific skills required to advance their careers.


A greater overall level of Business English proficiency has enabled NTT Data to pursue and win a higher level of new business opportunities.

The range of flexible learning programs has led to a higher level of attendance, resulting in a greater return on investment for English learning.

A greater control over training budget expenditures and more accurate measurement of learner performance has enabled additional learning investment across the workforce.

*Learnship Baseline was previously called GlobalEnglish Assessment

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