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NTT DATA is a leading IT services provider and global innovation partner headquartered in Tokyo. With business operations in over 50 countries, they provide professional services from consulting and systems development to outsourcing. NTT DATA has been present in Italy since 2011.​

Business Challenge

The nature of NTT DATA’s business in Italy is in continuous evolution, from a local/national focus to increasing international exposure. For effective international collaboration, the proficient use of the business language (English) is no longer sufficient. ​

NTT DATA in Italy was looking for a scalable, flexible, and high-quality training program to complement their existing training with a learning methodology that would meet the new business conditions. The need to upskill NTT DATA staff in Italy on Cultural Impact, when working with colleagues from different countries, still represented a priority for a company that strives on multiethnicity and multiculturalism. In addition to this, travelling from country to country was no longer the norm and having numerous people in the same classroom was unsustainable.​


Learnship Evolve Culture Focus was identified as the best training solution to address NTT DATA’s business situation and challenges in Italy. The country-specific business training prepares participants to develop the cultural and soft skill business intelligence they need to succeed in global business.​

This training program has been designed for addressing such business challenges when liaising with Japanese and British cultures. The goal is for participants to gain in-depth cultural knowledge of business values, soft skills, and communication styles of the target culture, as well as hands-on practical strategies and tips.​

Facing Unprecedented Global Challenges​

Furthermore, the unprecedented pandemic of 2020-21 has required NTT DATA to rethink its strategy on business and Cultural Impact training. While previously sending NTT DATA employees to attend three days of classroom training in their Germany-based training centre was beneficial for a variety of reasons – social and business networking, intensive training sessions, etc. – the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting global shift towards remote working has changed the game completely.​

Program Design​

To maintain a similar structure to the former classroom-based program, we worked with NTT DATA in Italy to design a model based on Group Training (max. six students per group). The strength of group training is the high level of interactivity among participants. ​

In order to achieve this goal, an initial Target Interview – to profile each participant and create homogeneous groups – was conducted prior to the launch. ​

The overall program was developed over two months and entailed the following training solution:​

  • Preparation course and assessment tools, via eLearning​
  • Trainer-led group sessions
  • End of program individual trainer evaluation​
  • Final participant survey to evaluate individual satisfaction over the entire learning program​


The End of Program Survey highlighted how the Culture Focus training program has impacted participant’s roles within NTT DATA in Italy by providing clear tools and techniques on becoming more effective when liaising with colleagues/providers/clients of the target cultures. ​

  • Overall Learner Recommendation:​ 87%
  • Learning Goal Achievement: 97%​
  • Cross-cultural Skills Improvement: 85%

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