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We’ve been in this game a long time and have been asked the same questions time and time again. Here are our answers to the most common queries.

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1.0 Definitions

Key terms explained.

What is business language training?

Any form of training that involves someone learning a second language for business purposes. We break business language training down into three different categories:

  • Fundamental language skills—reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • Industry-specific dialects—the verbiage associated with a certain industry
  • Practical business communications skills—these include presenting, negotiating, explaining a new idea and more

You can learn more about business language training here.

What is cross-cultural communication training?

Any form of training that helps learners interact with people from a different cultural background. Our brand of cross-cultural communication training goes beyond language to address the learner’s behavior and cultural intelligence. All of our courses are grounded in a business context and we provide the practical insights and skills learners need to tackle specific issues like presenting, negotiating, business writing and more.

You can learn more about cross-cultural communication training here.

What is the diversity dividend?

This is the business value created by tight-knit and collaborative multicultural teams. It can take many forms—like a surge in employee satisfaction or a shorter product development life cycle— but it’s the aggregated benefit that really matters. All of these dividends can add up to rapid growth, more sales or a greater market share.

What do you mean by cultural friction?

This is the tension created when people struggle to overcome cultural barriers. It can affect inter-team communication and collaboration, as well as employee confidence, but however it manifests, the impact is always the same—productivity slows, employees grow frustrated and your business pays the price. Our products are designed to attack this problem.

What’s next-generation blended learning?

This is our unique blended learning methodology. Unlike traditional blended learning—which retrofits trainers into e-learning courses—next-generation blended learning starts with the learner’s needs and blends e-learning and trainer-led practices to create the best possible learning experience from the ground up. Take a look at our next-gen blended learning solution—Learnship Sprint.

What’s trainer-led learning?

This is any course that involves face-to-face interaction between a learner and a trainer. Our brand of trainer-led learning encompasses one-on-one coaching and group learning.

What's a learning program?

This is a structured plan for employee learning. It may be a single course or a collection of different courses.

What's a learning course?

This is a specific learning program focused on a particular skill set or goal.

2.0 General

Common questions about our business language and cross-cultural training products.

What are the business benefits of our courses?

All of our courses are designed to help learners communicate with confidence. This has an impact at the individual level but also helps the business. When your people can communicate clearly across cultural barriers morale improves, collaboration happens naturally and productivity soars. Then you can start unlocking diversity dividends (see diversity dividend definition).

Learn more about the benefits of business language training here.

Learn more about the benefits of cross-cultural communication training here.

Who can benefit from your courses?

Anyone who needs to learn business language or cross-cultural communication skills within a global enterprise:

  • Our language courses cater to learners of all proficiencies
  • We offer highly-focused one-on-one coaching for executives
  • We help partners and families address the challenges that come with relocation

See all of our products.

Who are your clients?

We work with over 2,000 enterprises across a range of industries including financial services, automobile manufacturing, technology, media, retail and more.

How do you vet and qualify trainers?

We have a unique and stringent qualification process that helps us identify the best training talent in the industry. If selected, trainers are inducted into our Learnship Academy where they’re trained in our pedagogical approach and virtual learning technology. This is supplemented by ongoing coaching and a learner feedback cycle.

You can learn more about the Learnship Academy here.

How is your learning methodology unique?

No other business can rival our experience in digital learning. Our methodology is based on over 20 years’ experience working with millions of learners and is built around proven, standardized learning systems like the Common European Framework (CEF). All of our training practices are grounded in behavioral science and we’ve drawn on design thinking to develop task-orientated courses focused on the practical applications of learning.

How is your content unique?

Our approach to content starts with identifying the user’s needs. Often our pre-existing content fits the bill but we also create bespoke material on a regular basis. We specialize in industry-specific content and our in-house content creators can create niche content in very short time timeframes. We also use a powerful AI engine—Socrates—to create exercises and material based on current affairs. Most of our content focuses on real-world business scenarios, given the nature of our customers.

3.0 Halo and our technology

The nitty gritty on the tech that makes us tick.

How do you deploy your software?

Halo is a SaaS platform that can be launched and accessed through the cloud. It gives users access to all of our products.

Will I need support implementing your software?

Nope. We’ll help you get up and running (this should only take a couple of days) but the intuitive nature of our technology means it’s simple to use.

Do you offer ongoing technical support?

Yes, you can reach us through Halo at any time, day or night.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can request a free trial of all our Learnship Sprint product here.

Can I see a demo?

Yep, just drop us a line here.

4.0 Purchasing & pricing

How we cost our products.

How much does Halo cost?

Halo is actually free-of-charge, but we do cost by product. Get in touch to discuss a potential package for your business.

How much do you charge per license?

This all depends on your needs. We have a broad range of products and license packages to suit all budgets. Solutions are customized for your organization, desired outcomes and budget.

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