Introducing Learnship

Business language and cultural communications training for global teams

We help people develop the skills they need to thrive in intercultural environments.

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Get more from your talent

Unlock the diversity dividend

Global teams contain a wealth of knowledge and experience drawn from all corners of the globe. But to unlock this potential you need to get everyone communicating.

Language is just one piece of the puzzle. Your people also need to understand different cultural norms, business practices and specific industry dialects if they’re to shatter cultural barriers.

We cover all of these bases to power collaboration and turbocharge productivity.

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Twelve core languages

Multinational language learning

  •    English
  •    German
  •    French
  •    Spanish
  •    Italian
  •    Portuguese
  •    Dutch
  •    Chinese
  •    Japanese
  •    Korean
  •    Norwegian
  •    Arabic

Five big benefits

Why business language training matters

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Develop talent

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Improve collaboration

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Work smarter

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Grow faster

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Sell more

Shatter barriers

Attack cultural friction

Our Halo™ platform provides everything you need to attack the cultural friction that’s holding your people back.

Precision Learning™

Business language training and cultural intelligence delivered by highly-qualified trainers with relevant business expertise.

Contextual Content™

Outcome-focused content that helps learners develop and apply skills in a business context.

Dynamic Deployment™

Trainer-led virtual classroom learning, self-paced e-learning, blended courses and specialist modules.

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