Transforming the language learning experience with face-to-face, online training

Now you can offer your employees all the benefits of classroom training with the convenience, flexibility, and cost-benefits of online learning, with regular access to a personally selected dedicated trainer using Learnship’s virtual classroom technology. Contact us for a free demonstration of our award-winning virtual classroom.

Transforming the Learner Experience

More than 25,000 employees and executives a year – from organizations like AT&T, Nike, and Toyota – work with more than 800 personally selected Learnship trainers to transform their language and business communication skills.
Each learner works with a dedicated trainer for their entire program. By matching your employee’s goals and learning preferences with a trainer’s experience and teaching style, we dramatically improve engagement levels, learner satisfaction, and program efficacy.

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Convenience & Flexibility

The virtual classroom allows your employees to take lessons whenever, and wherever they want.
Learners can cancel and reschedule lessons up to 6 hours in advance, and self-manage their programs with our Training Management Platform.

High-Quality Trainers

After initial screening, all our trainers attend the Learnship Academy to learn our proven pedagogical approach and advanced online training techniques.
Ongoing assessments ensure that every trainer continues to meet Learnship´s high-quality standard.

Personalized Programs

Programs are available in 14 languages, with intercultural training and communication skills modules.
We tailor content for industry or job requirements and match employees with trainers that have specific skills and business experience.

Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom allows your employees to take lessons whenever, and wherever they want.
Learners and trainers have instant access to interactive learning materials on a stable platform with high-quality audiovisual performance.

Transforming your Business Experience

Thousands of international organizations have worked with Learnship over the past 10 years to develop language learning programs to meet the specific needs of their employees, executives and program managers.
Comprehensive quality management systems and processes driven by German engineering ensure that the experience of the Program Manager is every bit as good as your learners.

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Real-Time Reporting

Instant access to real-time reports including attendance records, program utilization, and learner progress.
Automatically generated reports can deliver whatever data is required as frequently as needed for managers throughout your organization.

Proven Pedagogy

All Learnship programs are based on the Common European Framework and can be adapted to suit experience levels and the desired pace of learning.
Trainers are fluent in effective online face-to-face learning methods, which we have refined over the past 10 years.

Quality Assurance

Learnship has developed uniform standards for every stage of the learning program including global deployment, assessment & reporting.
This makes it a simple process to roll-out global programs across different departments and business units.

System Integration

Programs are designed for easy integration into Training Management Systems (TMS) and broader talent management programs.
Learner outreach, registration, assessment and training materials can all be automated from a single source within your bespoke system.

Learnship Helps Global Companies Communicate

Networked Learning in Learnship’s Innovative Classroom

To improve everyday cooperation between professionals, our customers bring their employees together from different locations during group training sessions. Example: Three of your engineers in the same specialist area log into Learnship online from different company locations. They are taught together by their personal trainer (English trainer with a degree in engineering) in the interactive Learnship classroom at the agreed time. We would love to develop your group concept.