Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving a voice to all

We’re committed to using our resources, influence and expertise to help at-risk individuals access the language, cultural and business skills training they need to flourish.

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Voice for All

Voice for All is one of our most successful programs to date. We work with four NGO’s that help refugees acclimatize and thrive in their new homes.

Here’s how it works—every time one of our customers purchases a licence we donate a licence to one of the NGO’s. These are then shared with the people who need them the most. This process has helped thousands of refugees in 10 different countries around the world learn new language skills.


USA, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Dominican Republic


Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus


Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Madagascar

Middle East:

Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Iran, Afghanistan


Myanmar, China, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Japan, South Korea

How We Choose Partners

When choosing partners we look for organizations that are:


Striving to transform struggling communities into self-supporting and productive ecosystems.


Led by visionaries committed to sparking long-term change.


Attacking age-old problems with fresh ideas and new solutions.


Committed to delivering tangible and demonstrable results.

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