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Cultural differences are the biggest barrier to cross-cultural collaboration. Whether your people are relocating, joining a global virtual team or simply engaging with customers in new markets, cultural ignorance can bring business screeching to a halt. Our cross-cultural communications training gives your people the insight and practical skills they need to adapt and thrive in these scenarios.

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What do we mean by cross-cultural communications training?

Cross-cultural communications training comprises all the skills and knowledge needed to communicate and collaborate across cultural barriers. Our courses cover everything from identifying high/low context and observing local business practices, to understanding heritage and adapting to different social norms.

Value prop 1:

Build better teams—by improving communication and collaboration

Value prop 2:

Conquer new markets—with a team that’s confident in cross-cultural business

Value prop 3:

Inspire loyalty among expat staff by making them feel at home


Why cross-cultural communication matters

A lot of businesses see cultural differences as a language problem but the truth is a lot more complicated than that. Every culture has its own unique social norms and behavioral ticks that affect how locals interact with one another. If your people aren’t aware of these then they can offend, confuse or anger the people they’re communicating with, even if they’re speaking the same language. That’s why we look beyond language to behavior.

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How cross-cultural communications training works

Our approach to cross-cultural communications training is built on three pillars—local, experienced trainers, flexible and intuitive technology and relevant, highly-specific content. And all of this is supported by our progressive learning methodology that’s based on 10 years’ experience providing intercultural communication training.

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Why train online?

It’s a commonly-held belief that classroom training trumps digital. We disagree. In fact, we believe that digital training beats classroom training hands down. It’s more flexible and convenient, which means it’s more appealing to learners. Your people can complete e-learning exercises alone, join group sessions with a trainer and reach out to a one-on-one coach if they need to tackle a particularly tricky problem.

This is an on-demand, scalable, user-friendly approach to learning that’s perfectly suited to the hectic nature of modern working culture. And best of all, it doesn’t cost the earth. In fact, it allows you to reduce spend, without compromising on the quality of learning.

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Customized programs

All of our solutions and course material can be customized to your learners’ needs. Talk to us about your unique requirements.

Building confidence through cultural insights

Unisys had a confidence problem and it was hurting productivity. Talented employees weren’t participating in conferences or meetings and this was stifling progress. Then they switched to our cross-cultural comms solutions. With just one learning program we helped 84% of participants communicate more effectively.

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