Instant-impact learning

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Most global language training methodologies are rigid, slow and outdated. When you need to see results fast, we’ve got you covered.

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The challenges for employees



The typical language training course asks learners to follow a rigid framework that doesn’t consider modern working habits or user expectations. The result is frustration. Your people can’t learn the way they want to and therefore learn slowly. Worse, they give up altogether.

The challenges for your business



The slower your people learn, the more risk you take on. Learners often become disengaged or fail to complete their courses. Best case scenario—you don’t see an ROI on learning investments. Worst case—your investment is wasted. And your people are fed up.

How we can help


Just give us a month

When we say fast, we mean fast. We can deliver results in just five weeks, with no compromise on learning or trainer quality.

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The best of both worlds

How do we deliver great results so quickly? Next-generation blended learning. Our global language training courses integrate self-paced learning with trainer-led virtual sessions and mobile exercises to accelerate learning. That way your employees can learn where and when they want to. And our curriculum ties everything together so learning is consistent and incremental.

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Learning from the best

Your best people deserve the best trainers. We only work with the top 5% of training talent in the industry and all of our trainers have real-world business experience. They can relate to your employees’ needs and concerns, provide practical advice on how to solve problems and tailor training to their situation.

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The benefits of instant-impact learning

  • Rapid upskilling
  • Improved productivity
  • Confident, communicative employees
  • Higher employee retention rates

Improving the ROI of employee education

Tokyo-based NTT DATA were facing an age-old problem—they wanted to do more with a static budget. The goal was to drive collaboration but they couldn’t go back to the business to ask for more money. See how we helped them squeeze every drop of value from their budget.

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