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Learnship SprintTM is our next-generation blended learning solution for rapid employee learning. Learners can pick up new skills in just five weeks, or rapidly advance through CEF levels, with no compromise on the quality of training.

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Short Course. High Impact

Our short, high-impact courses are designed for workers who need to develop specific language and business skills without committing to a long-term language program. In as little as five weeks we can transform a tongue-tied beginner into a confident speaker.

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We’ve flipped the script

Our flipped classroom model blends self-paced e-learning with virtual face-to-face training and mobile assignments. This integrated approach means we can accelerate the learning process and reduce costs without impacting the learning experience.

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Blended not mixed

Most blended learning providers really offer blended delivery—they bolt trainer-led learning onto an existing e-learning package. This results in a disjointed and mixed-up experience for the user.

We’ve taken a different tack. Each element of the learning experience is tightly integrated across all mediums to drive engagement and accelerate progress. And the most important component—trainer-led learning—remains the focal point of everything we do.

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The science of Sprint

Our blended learning methodology is based on best practice instructional design theory, coupled with our own extensive classroom background. Download our whitepaper to learn more about the thinking behind our unique approach.

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Illustration of a man representing fast, blended learning

The top trainer talent in the industry

The best learning comes from the best trainers and we only work with the top 5% of talent on the market. Every one of our tutors has experience in virtual business communication and can advise learners on how to best apply skills in real-world scenarios.

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Getting smart about assessments

We’ve automated our assessment process to get you up and running quickly. Our comprehensive online test addresses all four business language skills—grammar, listening, reading and speaking—and places learners in one of three learning levels, aligned with the Common European Framework (CEF). This all happens in seconds thanks to our AI platform—Socrates.

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Rapid, measurable results

The Bertelsmann Academy needed a sophisticated learning solution that would help them upskill their people, fast. Learnship put their people on the fastrack to success while helping the business standardize assessments, streamline reporting and hone planning and management.

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