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Successful collaboration starts with strong communication and if you’re working internationally, you can’t communicate without the right language skills. We exist to solve this problem. Our language training covers everything from ABCs of a new language to complex industry-specific jargon. And we do it all in 12 core languages.

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What do we mean by business language training?

We’re not talking about defining synergy here. We’re talking about the language skills you need to communicate successfully in cross-cultural teams. We break these down into three categories:

Fundamental language skills

Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.


Industry-specific dialects

The verbiage associated with a certain industry


Practical business communications skills

These include presenting, negotiating, explaining a new idea and more

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Value prop 1:

Build better teams—by improving communication and collaboration

Value prop 2:

Improve staff morale and retention—by helping individuals better themselves

Value prop 3:

Improve individual performance—by instilling confidence


Why business language training matters

The most obvious benefit of language training is improved collaboration. When communication flows, it becomes easier to share ideas and make decisions as a cohesive whole.

But there’s another huge benefit that’s less obvious—confidence. This can only be seen at an individual level. Help someone communicate effectively and their self-belief grows. This is an invaluable asset for a business. An individual’s confidence can have a knock-on effect on their happiness, productivity, willingness to share and more. Which in turn has an impact on a business’s culture and retention rates.

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How business language training works

Our approach to business language training is built on three pillars—experienced trainers, flexible and intuitive technology and relevant, highly-specific content. And all of this is supported by our progressive learning methodology that’s based on more than 10 years’ experience providing intercultural communication training.

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Customized programs

All of our solutions and course material can be customized to your learners’ needs. Talk to us about your unique requirements.

Learnship’s competence in change management goes well beyond designing and implementing new L&D programs; we have been fortunate to capitalize on their experience and know-how to support Pirelli’s HR and digital transformation initiatives in learning.

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