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Learnship Coach accelerates the learning process through personalized one-on-one executive coaching in business language and culture skills. It’s perfect for people looking to fine tune their skills or prepare for a specific high-stakes engagement.

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Goal-oriented, personalized coaching

Coach is all about focusing on personal challenges and goals. A goal may be nailing a board presentation, improving language skills for a specific assignment or simply perfecting pronunciation. Whatever the learner’s objective, we can build a custom program to help them achieve it.

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The best coaches in the business

Our coaches are both language experts and experienced business leaders, recruited from a broad spectrum of industries. Many of them are former directors with firsthand experience working in intercultural business environments. They have a thorough understanding of the challenges professional learners face every day and can provide advice on both improving cross-cultural communication and business language skills.

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The tech behind the teaching

Our Coach programs are launched and managed through our flagship platform—Learnship HaloTM. It brings everyone—trainers, learners, program managers and administrators—together in one system.

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You can get the benefits of Coach for business language and cultural communication training.

Education fit for executives

Coach helped Akamai educate executives across their sales, marketing and support teams. And it wasn’t just the learners who benefited. The business saw productivity gains, a spike in employee retention and streamlined on-boarding for sales and marketing recruits.

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