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A hyper-focused, one-on-one coaching program for executives looking to solve specific cross-cultural communication problems.

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Illustration of two men pointing to South America on a globe to demonstrate cross-cultural communication.

One-on-one problem solving

Our personal coaches help learners build on what they’ve learned in core programs and address their most complex cross-cultural communication challenges one-on-one. These challenges can include:

Adapting business interactions

i.e. Getting straight to the point in the USA vs. making small talk in China

Learning new cultural norms

i.e. the mannerisms that accompany a greeting in Japanese

Preparing for relocation

i.e. learning what life is like in France

Program summary

Here’s how the program breaks down:

Program design

Our coaching programs are task-based and centre on each executive’s personal and professional goals. They’re designed to build on what they’ve learned in our other courses and learners can get personalized feedback on very specific challenges.

All sessions are hosted by the same coach via our online, face-to-face virtual classroom, giving your learners all the benefits of a personal coaching relationship together with the flexibility of online scheduling and participation.

Learning methods

Culture coach is a ‘learn by doing’ program. Materials cover the theory explaining why certain behaviours work in each scenario but the impactful learning happens through roleplay and practice.


Learners can book as many coaching sessions as needed, for as long as they’re needed. We recommend a minimum of 10 x 60-minute coaching sessions and can accommodate ongoing programs with open-ended coaching relationships.


Executives can work directly with their coach via our online platform to build their program around busy work calendars and reschedule sessions up to six hours in advance.


Spoken and written task simulations can be incorporated into the coaching sessions to assess progress during and at the end of the program.

Language requirement

There are no language requirements for the Culture Coach program, it is taught in the learner’s native tongue.

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