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Communicate confidently and clearly in boardrooms, emails, negotiations and even around the watercooler. Our one-on-one, hyper-specific executive language coaching helps you master the most important business scenarios. Develop your verbal, written, meeting and personal communication skills.

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Four critical skills

Our Language Coach program covers:



Verbal skills

  • Develop nuance in speaking to business people
  • Improve active listening
  • Explain the opportunities and risks of a proposed action
  • Refer to statistics and diagrams to support a point
  • Handle small talk situations calmly and positively

Written skills

  • Write effective business reports
  • Compose effective emails
  • Write a project proposal
  • Summarize effectively



Meeting skills

  • Facilitate effective meetings
  • Lead virtual meetings
  • Strengthen the ability to build arguments at meetings
  • Interrupt politely at meetings
  • Present multiple options to a senior group of businesspeople

Personal communication skills

  • Defend your interests firmly and politely
  • Deal with sensitive interpersonal situations professionally and confidently
  • Negotiate terms and conditions
  • Compare and contrast alternative options

Program summary

Here’s how the program breaks down.

Program design

Our coaching programs incorporate task-based learning based on each learner’s personal and professional goals. We assess language and communications proficiency ahead of the course and then work on overall program design in consultation with the learner and coach.

All sessions are hosted by the same coach via our online, face-to-face virtual classroom, giving your learners all the benefits of a personal coaching relationship together with the flexibility of online scheduling and participation.

Learning materials

Coaching materials can include business case studies, managerial mind-maps, and business process frameworks, supplemented by your own documents, such as company or product presentations.


We recommend a minimum of 10 x 60-minute coaching sessions and can accommodate ongoing programs with open-ended coaching relationships.


Executives can work directly with their coach via our online platform to build their program around busy work calendars and reschedule sessions up to six hours in advance.


Spoken and written task simulations can be incorporated into the coaching sessions to assess progress during and at the end of the program.

Language requirement

A prerequisite for this course is a B1 Common European Framework (CEF) level or higher.

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