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This is where it all comes together. Learnship Halo is our flagship language training software platform and the gateway to all of our products.

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Two companies, one vision

Halo is the product of two businesses coming together – GlobalEnglish and Learnship.

We’ve combined the e-learning pedigree of GlobalEnglish with the digital technology and trainer-led learning of Learnship to create a unique language training software solution that’s far more than the sum of its parts.

Halo represents the realization of our vision—a complete learning platform that supports a full suite of multi-modal learning solutions. It’s powerful, flexible and built to scale, effortlessly.

A single source of truth

Halo is mission control for everyone who uses our products—learners, administrators and program managers.


Can manage their courses and interact with trainers.


Have full insight into all learning activities.

Program managers

Can manage learner outreach, registration, assessment and training materials—all from within the system.

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Key features

For learners

  • Learner profiles
  • Attendance stats
  • Course progress

For administrators

  • Number of active courses
  • Detailed syllabus
  • Participants registration

For program managers

  • Live data
  • Monthly reports
  • Learner satisfaction feedback


Take the classroom experience online

Our Virtual Classroom is a proprietary, browser-based learning environment, optimized for trainers and users alike. Bring your people together with the best training talent, wherever they are, whenever they need help.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Reliable performance
  • Secure, high quality video and voice connection
  • Interactive learning tools
  • Handwriting application
  • Virtual keyboard
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Give power to your people

Halo is purpose-built to empower users. Individual learners and department heads can initiate and manage programs themselves and key processes are automated to accelerate progress. This includes online booking, assessment, scheduling and payments.

Halo also makes life easier for trainers. They can plan, deliver and document their instruction and communicate directly with learners, offering feedback and further study suggestions.

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Hassle-free onboarding

A slick onboarding process is a good onboarding process. We can help you reduce administration time and cut costs by automating critical stages of the journey. Evaluate learner needs, assess competencies, customize course design and match trainers to individuals—all through one platform.

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One system to rule them all

We know you’re probably juggling half a dozen different learning and HR solutions so we’ve made it easy to integrate Halo with critical systems.

Manage, measure, report and bill all your business language learning programs from one console. You can also integrate elements of Halo into your own broader talent management platforms.

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Our commitment to excellence

Our standards set us apart and we rigorously test the quality of both our technology and training. After every virtual lesson students and trainers are asked to score their experience and provide feedback. If scores dip below a certain standard this is reported to you in real-time, and immediately escalated. This helps us resolve issues fast and maintain a consistent quality of service.

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Kickstart adoption

Rapid adoption is the key to long-term engagement so we provide all the support materials you’ll need to introduce us to your teams.

Employee events, roadshows and webinars give your stakeholders and learners first-hand experience of our solutions. We also provide digital brochures and customized content to help you employees understand the full range of language learning options.

If that’s not enough, our free sample lessons give potential learners and their managers a taste of our unique face-to-face training approach.

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Halo Socrates

Socrates is the AI that sits at the heart of Halo. It’s a dynamic machine learning engine fueled by data from over 3.1 million learners. It automates and accelerates processes to create a fuss-free, streamlined learning experience for trainers, learners and program managers

Socrates isn’t designed to replace anyone. It’s purpose-built to support trainers and learners to work more effectively. It removes admin – like learner grading or content creation—to free up time and drive productivity. Key features:

Up-to-date, relevant content

Socrates automatically generates grammatical and speaking exercises based on a learner’s location, interests and capabilities

Instant proficiency assessments

Socrates can grade learners in minutes to determines their proficiency in a specific skill

Automate trainer matching

Socrates ingests needs analysis data to find the best trainer for the learner

The Halo effect in action

IBM Brazil wanted to help their people learn English and their existing solutions weren’t helping. Then they made the switch to Halo. We developed a program that addressed their diverse learning needs and strengthened links between learning and business objectives. We also implemented a scorecard to improve measurement, reporting and accountability. The results speak for themselves.

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By setting a single provider for the Business English learning solution, we managed to standardize the learning delivery method and set coherent KPIs across the organization, optimizing the budget issues as well.

Marcia Neves da Silva Jeronimo, Learning & Knowledge Leader, IBM Brazil

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