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Global language training turns diversity into dividends

Diversity is a global team’s greatest asset. But language and cultural barriers can prevent collaboration, cause friction, create silos and erode productivity. Our global language training and cross-cultural communication courses help you solve these problems and seize the diversity dividend.

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The challenges for employees



Without global language training, cultural and communication barriers can prevent individuals from speaking up. The result is frustration—people pull in different directions, morale dips and more time is spent translating than collaborating.

The challenges for your business



When your best people aren’t communicating you’re losing out. Good ideas sit quietly in the corner, or worse yet, walk out the front door, And an inability to clearly express ideas is only part of the problem. Friction, a lack of productivity and language-based silos in global teams are all symptoms of diversity working against you, not for you.

How we can help


Going beyond language

A global team needs a shared language but it also needs a shared set of norms, behaviors and communication techniques. Knowing when to speak up, when to come forward, when to keep quiet and even how to greet can make all the difference in a diverse team working together. That’s why we offer training in cultural skills, as well as global language training, so learners have everything they need to do business confidently and respectfully.

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Empower your people

Communicating successfully within a global team demands a broad skill set. Presenting, negotiating, debating, writing emails and reports—these tasks call for a certain amount of empathy, nuance, critical thinking and savvy. We offer business skills training to cover these bases. That way learners have the vocabulary, cultural-awareness and behavioural intelligence to work to the best of their abilities.

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The benefits of global language training

  • Unlocking the diversity dividend
  • Improved productivity
  • Better collaboration
  • Higher staff retention

A big solution for a big problem

Akamai came to us with a big problem. They needed a learning solution that would encourage collaboration between 7,600 people across 130 countries. And they had to suit the preferences of employees in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and India. See how we rose to the challenge.

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