Comprehensive products for your comprehension challenges

Quality trainers, relevant content, intuitive technology—you need all three if you’re to help your people upskill, fast. We’ve packaged up all the essentials in a suite of complementary language training products, each focusing on a specific challenge or requirement.

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Our expertise

Two complementary skill sets

Business language skills

Focused on reading, writing, speaking and listening

Cross-cultural communication skills

Specific tools for intercultural collaboration

Our platform

All of our products are built around our unique technology platform—Learnship HaloTM. This is a single source of truth for everyone involved in the learning process. Learners can access materials, book lessons and engage trainers. Administrators can track ROI and manage licenses. And program managers can measure progress at an individual or department level. This is the tech that makes us who we are.

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Deployment methods

Three ways to learn

We offer three different deployment models—trainer-led, self-paced and next-generation blended. Each has different strengths and applications.


Trainer-led learning

There’s no substitute for trainer-led learning. Having the ability to ask questions, practice skills and discuss feedback is simply invaluable. We only work with the top of trainers in the market and each has firsthand business experience.

Our premier language training product

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For learners looking to understand and embrace new cultures

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One-to-one coaching focused on cultural and language learning

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Next-generation blended learning

Next-generation blended learning combines the convenience and flexibility of self-paced learning with on-demand access to the best trainer talent. Our blended products:

Short courses for rapid learning, focused on business and language skills

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Self-paced learning is a cost-effective and highly-scalable training option that gives your people the flexibility to learn where and when they want to. Our self-paced products:

Language, business and culture courses for self-starters

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