Shatter cultural barriers

Learnship EvolveTM helps your people bridge the cultural divide. Our intercultural communication programs cover everything from relocation support, cultural intelligence and region-specific business skills.

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Don’t adapt, evolve

Intercultural communication training—in a business context—isn’t just about understanding different behaviors, norms and attitudes. It’s about fusing this knowledge with business skills and practices. That’s what our cultural training is all about. We don’t just help your people adapt, we help them improve and grow.

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Personalized learning

All of our courses are built around the individual. We assess their cultural profile, map their personal goals and personalize the training based on industry, job responsibility and desired skills.

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Scenario-based content

Practice makes perfect and you can’t practice without the right content. Our in-house team of subject matter experts develop practical, client-specific training materials based on real-world business scenarios. That way learners can apply what they learn from the first minutes of their training.

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Top trainers

Top talent deserves top trainers and we only work with the best. Our screening and recruiting process is the most rigorous in the industry and once trainers qualify, they’re taught our unique virtual learning methodology that’s based on 20 years’ experience in digital education.

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Typical trainer overview

  • Multilingual
  • ICT qualifications (Masters in Cross-Cultural communication, ICF Diploma, International ICT Facilitator Diploma, etc.)
  • Seminar and workshop experience
  • 10 years or more professional business expertise
  • Further professional development programs

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