Mastering industry dialects

Precision learning for industry experts

Learning to order a decaf latte in Japanese isn’t much use if you spend your day building turbine engines or issuing convertible bonds. Our language training specialists help learners build on fundamental business language skills with industry-specific dialects.

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The challenges for employees



Not being able to talk fluently about your area of expertise is frustrating. And if you’re mispronouncing key terms on a regular basis, that’s an even bigger problem. You can end up feeling foolish or embarrassed and this will have a knock-on effect on your confidence and willingness to communicate in the future.

The challenges for your business



If your experts are unable to communicate clearly then mistakes will be made. Best case scenario—these will cause delays. Worst case scenario—they’ll derail entire projects and ruin working relationships. And if employees feel like they’re failing, confidence and morale will fall as staff attrition soars.

How we can help


Tailored solutions

It’s impossible to learn specific vocabulary with generic course materials. That’s why we’ve built a large in-house content team. They can whip up learning materials on almost any topic—from electric cars to fiscal regulations—in short timeframes so your experts can focus their learning exactly where they need to.

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Experts for experts

All employee learning is based on expertise and our industry-specific courses are delivered by trainers with an intimate understanding of your market and business. We match your people with trainers who’ve had firsthand experience of the challenges they’re facing and can develop lessons based on real-world scenarios.

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Business culture

Cultural nuances and challenges become magnified under the microscope of specific industry practices. Our range of cross-cultural training courses ensure your employees are using the right words, the right way.

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Industry focus


We work with some of the largest technology companies on the planet to help engineers spread their ideas around the world.



We’re helping some of the most historic names in motoring to accelerate the adoption of next-generation transportation technologies.

Financial services

We’re giving traditional institutions the confidence to transform their behavior by understanding the cultural nuances of developing markets.

The benefits of industry-specific training

  • Retain staff for longer by addressing employee frustrations
  • Boost individual performance by addressing communication issue
  • Improve team performance by supporting collaboration

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