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Managing and optimizing learning programs is all about constant improvement. We provide the tools and services you need to measure success and adapt on the fly.

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Halo Intelligence

Learning programs generate reams upon reams of data and it can be hard to make the most of it. Halo Intelligence is designed to solve this problem. It’s our data analysis service comprising three parts—automated insights, regular reporting and expert consultation.


Dive into data

Automated insights

Take the legwork out of managing learning programs. Choose the key metrics you want to measure and receive real-time, automated insights through our Halo platform.

Regular reporting

Manage your learning programs continuously and effortlessly. We provide regular and automated reporting on session progress, participation rates, training success and participant satisfaction.

On-demand data

Access reporting dashboards whenever you need to so you can monitor the metrics that matter, when they matter.

Ongoing recommendations

We provide periodic status updates and recommendations to help you get more from your programs.

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Report, your way

Different stakeholders need different reports and we can work with you to create custom analysis for different members of your team.

You can also set up different authorization levels to determine who sees what. Whether your head of HR needs an overview of month-on-month engagement, or a team lead wants a breakdown of his staff’s performance; we can spin up the report you need, no problem.

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The big picture and the tiny details

Sometimes you need to rethink an entire program, other times you just need to tweak a specific element of a course. That’s why we give you complete insight into learning programs.

Program managers can tap into a detailed overview of sample sessions, evaluations and live courses; as well as attendance and learning progress. At the same time, they can dig into individual learning units or see all of the sessions and related information for a specific learner.

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Welcome to mission control

All of our insights and reports are delivered through our proprietary platform—Learnship HaloTM. This is where it all comes together. A single source of truth for learners, administrators, program managers and trainers.

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