Replacing classroom learning

From chalkboards to keyboards

A decade ago, there was no substitute for classroom learning. Today, things are different. Blended learning means you can deliver a streamlined, user-friendly learning experience that doesn’t compromise on training quality.

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The challenges for employees



Classroom training wasn’t designed for the modern workforce and today it rarely meets employee expectations. Your people want to study at their own pace, work with intuitive learning software and access the best trainers, when they’re needed. This is a big ask, but without this flexibility employees can grow frustrated and, ultimately, switch off.

The challenges for your business



Disengagement is a big issue for any program manager. If learners aren’t picking up skills fast then it’s hard to justify the huge price tag associated with classroom learning. The other issue is the inflexibility of face-to-face training. The rise of remote working and global teams means it’s impractical, or even impossible, to get everyone in the same room.

How we can help


Powerful and practical

Traditional classroom training falls down because it’s impractical. Our next-generation blended learning solution—Learnship SprintTM—offers a more convenient and natural experience by integrating self-paced learning with trainer-led digital sessions and mobile exercises. And our curriculum ties everything together so learning is consistent and incremental.

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Take the classroom online

Remote learning and next-generation blended learning requires more than a video link to a digitized classroom. You need a digital whiteboard, relevant content, interactive exercises and more. We deliver all this via our virtual classroom, a key feature of our platform, Learnship HaloTM.

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A unique platform

Halo is at the heart of our trainer-led learning. It’s a virtual classroom, learner portal, program tracker and data analysis engine, all wrapped into one. It’s the technology that allows us to digitize classroom learning.

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Learning from the best

Your best people deserve the best trainers. We only work with the top 5% of training talent in the industry and all of our trainers have real-world business experience. They’re able to put theory into practice and advise on real-world situations and problems.

Flexible scheduling

Regular, face-to-face training sessions are at the center of our remote learning experience. But sometimes even remote learning has to adapt to changing work schedules. No problem. We give learners the power to reschedule sessions themselves, up to 6 hours in advance.

Monitor and measure

Take learning out of the classroom and you can lose visibility into learner proficiency and engagement. We tackle this issue with upfront assessments that ensure employees are offered the right material and trainer on day one. We also run ongoing tests to help you gauge progress and keep learners on track.

The benefit of virtual classrooms

  • More control and flexible learning
  • Easy to monitor and track
  • Tailored language training solutions
  • Fast-track learning

Going beyond classroom learning

Bertelsman needed an online learning platform with standardized assessments and streamlined reporting. Our all-in-one learning platform—Halo—was the answer. See how it helped the business go beyond the classroom into the digital age.

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