We set the standard. You set the pace.

Learnship Solo, our e-learning product, provides everything learners need to practice and improve their business language skills at their own pace

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A self-paced, multi-language solution

With self-paced e-learning programs available in four languages, Learnship provides global organizations with a scalable, comprehensive solution, with consistent, premium quality standards across all activities, levels, and languages.

Progressing against a standardized frame

Solo can help every business language learner, regardless of their abilities. Our CEFR-aligned curricula cover all language levels, allowing learners to progress from beginner to expert. We start with an assessment to gauge their proficiency and at each level, learners get direct access to programs and materials suited to their abilities.

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Business-relevant content & design

Based on 20+ years of digital learning expertise, Learnship Solo is a perfect fit for professionals.

With bite-sized activities, easy to fit into busy schedules, and business-focused content, such as negotiations or meeting scenarios, your people will be able to immediately apply their knowledge in the workplace.

Practical tools

We don’t just teach languages, we help your people to be more productive in their day-to-day working lives. For example, we provide tools such as email templates, cultural briefings, and industry-specific dictionaries to help them succeed in the moments that matter.

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“Learnship is a unique e-learning provider in that it has understood the challenges of running a global business and provided solutions that are helping us improve our team, our culture and, ultimately, our competitive advantage.”

John Guthrie, Head of International Management Development, Hilton International

E-learning for English language training

Hilton wanted all of its staff to speak English. This meant executing a vast learning program on a global scale. They chose Learnship Solo for its flexibility, convenience and, most of all, it’s scalability. See how we helped 71% of their staff work more productively.

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The Solo Dashboard

This is your gateway to Solo—an intuitive interface that allows administrators to track usage, analyze learner progress, optimize programs and evaluate ROI.


Create a custom e-learning experience

The Solo Dashboard provides a live snapshot of every learner’s activity and allows you to optimize programs based on their performance.

For example, you can track progress toward individual goals and comparative performance against colleagues of pre-assigned benchmarks. Then you can use this data to adjust the pace of development and refine targets. Poor performers receive additional practice opportunities, while learning superstars are encouraged to aim even higher.

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Automated reporting

Keep senior executives in the loop with monthly reports, automatically triggered at specific dates and times. And you can focus on the specific insights that matters—whether that’s three key KPIs or a complete breakdown of enterprise-wide performance.

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Data visualization – Power x Simplicity

The Solo dashboard is more than an intuitive interface. It’s a powerful tool that makes it easy to manipulate large amounts of raw data. Transform reams of figures into rich, interactive visualizations that can surface critical insights in seconds.

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