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This next-generation blended learning program helps learners develop specific business skills or jargon in record time.

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What is next-generation blended learning?

This is our unique blended learning methodology. Unlike traditional blended learning—which retrofits trainers into e-learning courses—next-generation blended learning starts with the learner’s needs and blends e-learning and trainer-led practices to create the best possible learning experience from the ground up. Our curriculum is fully integrated and the entire program is laser-focused on business outcomes.

Why do I need this program?

One of the big issues with modern working culture is a lack of time. Your people may want to learn business skills but they simply can’t fit lengthy training programs into their busy schedule. Sprint Business Skills is designed to solve this problem. It’s a shortcut to success that doesn’t compromise on quality of learning.

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Low-cost, no compromise

We balance cost and quality by integrating e-learning and trainer-led learning so that one practice supports the other. The vocabulary and grammar a learner works on during the week forms a solid foundation for their trainer-led one-on-one session. This way we create a positive feedback loop that builds momentum and keeps the learner focused.

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Five Weeks. Two Hours. One Goal

This five-week program incorporates five one-hour trainer-led sessions conducted through our Virtual Classroom, 45 minutes of e-learning pre-work on Learnship Solo, and 15 minutes homework via our mobile app.

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Two products for the price of one

All Business Skill learners get full access to our e-learning software—Learnship SoloTM. They can browse our extensive library of business-focused content and access a range of productivity tools such as email templates and cultural briefings.

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A multichannel experience

The typical worker jumps between devices all day long so we’ve accounted for this in our program design. Different aspects of the program are optimized for relevant digital channels. We’ve designed a seamless learning experience, guiding users with integrated content from digital platform to Virtual Classroom to mobile app.

Top trainer talent

To deliver results fast, you need the very best training talent. We have a vigorous vetting process that eliminates all but the top 5% of applicants and each of our trainers is inducted into our Learnship Academy, where they’re trained in our unique face-to-face learning methods.

All of our trainers are native English, or native-level English speakers, with offline language training qualifications and experience in virtual business communication.

Program summary

Here’s how the program breaks down:


Learners can focus on one or more of the following skills over the duration of the program:

Skills-specific Business English

  1. Business presentations
  2. Business negotiations
  3. Business writing
  4. Participating in meetings
  5.  Working in remote teams
  6.  Remote project management
  7.  Remote networking
  8.  Narrative writing

Industry-specific Business English

  1. HR
  2. Finance
  3. FMCG
  4. Logistics
  5. Technology
  6. Healthcare & Pharma
  7. Customer care
  8. Sales


  • Language level assessment
    The learner completes a pre-course assessment to determine their English proficiency and place them at one of three levels: Low Intermediate (A2), High Intermediate (B1), or Advanced (B2/C1).
  • Prework
    The learner is assigned preparatory e-learning work, that they complete through our e-learning product—Learnship Solo
  • Meeting with trainer
    The learner meets with their trainer every week to apply their learning within real business scenarios. This allows them to develop the correct application of the skills they studied in the prework.
  • Homework (dependent on selected course)
    The learner is asked to complete 15 minutes of homework per week, on a mobile app, to reinforce learnings from the trainer-led session.


This program is completed in just five weeks, after which the learner will have demonstrably improved their ability in their chosen business skill.


This program is results-orientated and although there is no formal scoring, trainers grade learner progress on a weekly basis and test their ability to complete pre-defined tasks at the end of the program.

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