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Strategic Approach to Learning Boosts Employee Engagement

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IBM Brazil is a regional unit with global reach, focused on consulting services for IBM’s customers and partners. This regional unit has around 3,000 employees in multiple locations across the country.

Business Challenge

English is the language of choice for IBM to communicate across borders, including Brazil.

The Learnship Solo platform was identified as having the resources needed to help IBM employees focus on their current business communication gaps, while helping them improve their effectiveness communicating in English.

IBM Brazil was now looking to increase the effectiveness of its English training by better addressing diverse development needs, and strengthening links between employee learning and strategic business objectives.


IBM worked with the Learnship Intelligence Customer Success Team to implement a new Scorecard Approach designed to improve measurement, promote transparent reporting, and empower line managers to own the development process of their employees.

“By setting a single provider for the Business English learning solution, we managed to standardize the learning delivery method and set coherent KPIs across the organization, optimizing the budget issues as well.”
—Marcia Neves da Silva Jeronimo, Learning & Knowledge Leader, IBM Brazil


IBM Brazil demonstrated a 45% higher learner engagement rate.

IBM Brazil’s new Scorecard Approach proved to be 28% more cost-effective than previous programs.

Learners have reported great improvement to their communication skills, from participating in international projects to increasing their employees’ productivity.

96% of employees have applied learnings directly to activities in the workplace.

Learners reported average productivity gains of 3 hours per week.


*Learnship Solo was previously called GlobalEnglish One

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