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Deutsche Post DHL Group, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, is the world’s leading mail and logistics company and operates in 220 countries around the world with over 500,000 employees.

Business Challenge

Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) has made it a strategic priority to generate value by sharing knowledge and expertise across the group’s many different operations.

English was adopted as the company language to help drive excellence through teamwork across borders and business units, to increase efficiencies, and improve customer service.

However, managers often had to act as a translator on calls and with written communication due to low English skills across the team.Some employees also had problems understanding company guidelines and strategic priorities.

DPDHL required a learning solution to meet the needs of a diverse workforce with multiple independent divisions operating in more than 200 countries.


Learnship’s cloud-based platform enabled every potential learner to access the service regardless of their location, with a curriculum to serve all levels of experience and ability.

“The main challenge faced by Deutsche Post DHL Group was finding an efficient and effective way of delivering learning across the decentralized business divisions and countries. Learnship provides the flexibility, quality and scalability we are looking for.”

—Meredith Taghi, Vice President Group Learning, Talent and Platform Management, Deutsche Post DHL Group


Average saving of 2 hours per week per employee as a result of improved English communication.

Annual gains of 2.06 million euros based on an average employee rate of $25 per hour.

85% of employees and 93% of managers confirm skills improvement in at least one business area.

98% of employees would recommend the program to a colleague.

DPDHL customers benefit from cross-teaming with quality leadership and consistently delivered services, enabled by stronger best-practice sharing and interoperability between business units.

“The Learnship program is a great tool to teach Business English and reach our employees across business units and countries.” —Meredith Taghi, Vice President Group Learning, Talent and Platform Management, Deutsche Post DHL Group.

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