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Progressive Pedagogy

Standardized language courses

All our language courses are based on the standards of the Common European Framework (CEF) of Reference for Languages. This globally recognized standard was developed by the European Council to standardize language learning and make language levels comparable. It offers a structured and systematic approach for ranking linguistic competencies and skills, which can also be applied to most non-western languages.

Graphs showing the standards of of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Different people in a tile view, showing elite trainers of Learnship

Elite trainers

The industry’s most rigorous screening and recruiting process mean only 5% of applicants qualify to become Learnship trainers.

  • Native speaker
  • Multilingual
  • Language training certification
    (e.g. MA TEFL, CELTA, TESOL, DaF, etc.)
  • Traditional classroom training experience
  • Professional business expertise
  • Relevant academic qualifications

Learnship Academies for language training & intercultural training

All our 1,000+ trainers have graduated from the Learnship Academies for language training and intercultural training, where they are trained and assessed in the effective online, face-to-face learning methods we have refined over the past ten years working on thousands of global programs.

Employee of the automobile industry showing car to colleagues, example for personalized language learning

Personalized learning

Our in-house team of pedagogical experts and professional writers can develop client-specific training materials incorporating the latest training techniques, contemporary business language and industry jargon as well as most recent industry-specific topics.
For example, employees at a client in the automobile industry are already learning the language of hybrid technologies and autonomous vehicles. 

Group of people working with a computer, working on learning programs designed for business success

Learning programs designed for business success

Our ultimate language learning experience is designed to ensure your employees succeed in whatever global business situation they find themselves in. That’s why we match your employees with trainers that have the business experience required to help them understand the nuances of global communications.
It’s also why we’ve developed an innovative range of online, face-to-face Intercultural Training which follows a communicative, learner-focused methodology.
We also offer group training for those instances where you have a team or group of colleagues facing the same communications or intercultural challenges.

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