Behind the scenes: Learnship’s Language Training R&D team

Language Training Research and Development

The activities undertaken by the Research and Development team (R&D) have a huge impact on the future ambitions of any company. At Learnship, R&D takes place both on the Information Technology side, as well as on the pedagogical side. The Language Training R&D department is responsible for creatively thinking about new and innovative ideas for language training, as well as how to improve what the company already offers.

We actually wear several hats. On the one hand, we manage existing content in our online library, and on the other hand, we create new material adapted to the needs of our clients. Our team’s strength lies in the diverse skills, knowledge, and background of our team members; with our pedagogical expertise, our love of languages, our design skills, and our constructive creativity, we endeavor to build on and improve the learning experience for our learners.

As part of our role, the Language Training R&D team members provide extensive pedagogical support to all Learnship departments involved in the organizing and managing of the classes. This includes the trainers, the Learnship Academy staff and the Operations support teams.  We all work together to ensure quality lessons and the best experience for learners.

Our experienced writers are responsible for creating engaging in-house material matching the diverse and evolving needs of our corporate clients. Being able to develop content for specific projects means that we follow market needs hand in hand with our clients.

We also ensure that we are up-to-date with scientific research on learning trends in general and face-to-face online learning specifically.  In a world that is never static and is forever changing, it’s important for us to keep up to date with trends and to even be the ones to start them! With our extensive knowledge of pedagogy alongside the expertise our IT team members bring to the table, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to enable effective language learning using technology as an enabler.

As the global market leader in face-to-face online learning, Learnship combines the use of the latest in technological and pedagogical development while offering our clients the personal support of a dedicated trainer. Thanks to this combination, our language learning courses enable us to match and even exceed the quality levels of any traditional (onsite) face-to-face language courses. We currently support 14 core languages and more on request, but who knows how many more we’ll be offering in the future? The sky is our, and your, limit!

This page was written prior to our acquisition of GlobalEnglish so some of the copy may be a little confusing. Please excuse any reference to GlobalEnglish or out-dated product names. GlobalEnglish’s One platform is now known as Learnship Solo and is a core part of our offering. You can learn more here.