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The ultimate language learning experience for learners

  1. Personalized training program
  2. Dedicated personal trainer
  3. Distraction-free Virtual Classroom
  4. Flexible scheduling
  5. Online convenience

Personalized training program

Every Learnship program begins with an in-depth personal assessment, in which we establish your personal goals, and learning preferences as well as your current level of language ability.

After we decide which of our Language Learning, Coaching, Relocation, or Intercultural programs is right for you, we’ll work with you and our team of in-house content developers to design a program that’s relevant, motivating and fun for you. 

Dedicated personal trainer

As part of the program development process, we’ll match you with your ideal personal trainer. Our online, face-to-face approach to language learning means we can match you with the perfect trainer, no matter where you are, or they are, in the world.
Your Trainer will be fluent in your language, and the language you want to learn, as well as having experience in any specific business skills that you’re looking to develop. We’ll also consider your personal goals and preferred learning style to match you with a trainer that has the personality and shared interests, as well as the language skills, to create a productive and enjoyable partnership. 
Your trainer will stay at your side over the whole length of your course – which enables both of you to build a trustful learning relationship.

Distraction-free Virtual Classroom

You’ll meet up with your personal trainer via our Virtual Classroom, which we’ve purpose-built to deliver you the ultimate online learning experience. We’ve built in a range of multimedia tools to make your learning sessions more varied and engaging.  And we’ve given your trainer instant access to a library of materials, which they’ll use to make every session relevant to your specific needs that day.

Like many of our learners, we’re sure you’ll find that these online tools make the Virtual Classroom even more productive than a traditional classroom. In Europe, we’ve managed company programs that offer real and Virtual Classroom training.  In satisfaction surveys, the Virtual Classroom usually comes top of the class!

Flexible scheduling

Our Virtual Classroom approach also gives you control of your learning experience. There are no set times and locations to get to, as in traditional, onsite classroom training. You can schedule sessions for the time that works best for you and your trainer. And you can attend from wherever is most convenient – the office, at home, the coffee shop, the park. Whatever works best for you.
You can also reschedule any session up to six hours in advance if you need to. Because we understand. Work happens!

Online convenience

The online platform behind our Virtual Classroom also gives you access to a range of supplementary training materials, including any homework assignments you agree with your trainer, and the personal vocabulary lists that you’ll build together during your sessions. It’s all in one place. Available whenever, and wherever you need it.

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