The benefits of a well-structured Sprint Business Skills course

Getting employees up to speed on a new language can be critical for your business. It can open up new markets, help you better serve existing customers, and give you a competitive edge. But it can be challenging to find the time and resources to invest in language training. That’s why we created Sprint. We wanted to give your talent the opportunity to improve their English quickly, so they could start reaping the benefits for your business immediately.

In this blog post, we’ll share how Learnship Sprint courses can help your talent develop specialized Business English skillsin weeks.

What is Sprint Business Skills?

Learnship Sprint Business Skills is a unique, award-winning approach to language learning that combines trainer-led virtual classroom sessions with online digital pre-work to accelerate learning progress. It is a series of five-week courses designed to build confidence among non-native English speakers in the language skills needed to work productively in a specific industry. In just five weeks, employees can master the skills they need to communicate effectively in a job- or industry-specific context, gaining the confidence to speak up and contribute to your organization’s success.

How are the Sprint courses structured?

The courses help learners improve their English by focusing on industry jargon or specific business challenges such as Business Negotiations, Business Presentations, Business Writing, Working in Remote Teams, Remote Project Management, etc.

After an online placement test, Sprint Business Skills courses introduce learners to new vocabulary focused on the skill or industry of their choice and pair them with a qualified personal trainer online to practice and perfect the correct application of the terminology in various real-life business scenarios. The courses are designed for completion in just five weeks, based on two hours of study a week:

  • 45 or 60 minutes of online digital pre-work (depending on the selected course)

  • 60 minutes trainer-led virtual classroom session

  • 15 minutes mobile exercise for skills reinforcement (depending on the selected course)

New Skills released

In September, nine new Business Skills will be released:

– Human Resources
– Customer Care
– Technology
– Healthcare & Pharma
– Finance
– Logistics
– Sales
– Narrative writing

Each course focuses on the English specific to an industry of your choice and targets the vocabulary and jargon that is used in that industry. This approach helps learners to be able to not only communicate effectively in a business setting but also to understand the idioms and vocabulary used in a particular industry.

What are the benefits?

Our brand new, purpose-built, digital content developed in-house focuses on specific business outcomes and industries, keeping learners highly engaged during pre-work sessions.

Here are four main benefits of the Sprint courses:

Fast-paced training
Sprint helps your people take on new business skills in just five weeks by focusing on the communication skills that will make a difference in the workplace.

Focus on specific business contexts
Each course targets job- or industry-specific vocabulary and communication skills, so your learners can make an immediate difference where it matters.

Focus on specific communication skills
In addition to advancing their English, your learners get to improve such communication skills as Business Negotiations, Business Presentations, Business Meetings, Business Writing, Working in Remote Teams, Remote Networking, Remote Project Management, and Narrative Writing.

Boost learner engagement
Blending digital modules and one-on-one live sessions with world-class trainers, you get to enrich the learner experience – all while optimizing your budget.

Furthermore, in 2020, Sprint was awarded the prestigious Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Advance in Software for a Training Company.

Interested in a new award-winning approach and want to help your talent build confidence and improve workplace communication?

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