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Why Next-Generation Blended Learning?

Why Next-Generation Blended Learning?


Blended Learning has become a catch-all term for any program that combines online and face-to-face learning. But the truth is that many such programs could more accurately be described as Blended Delivery rather than Blended Learning.

The delivery of the program may be blended across platforms, but the learning experience is isolated within each module.

With the benefit of being able to build Learnship Sprint from the ground-up, we were able to design an integrated learning experience across our three delivery platforms while making the trainer-led sessions the focal point and driving force of the program.

We call this Next-Generation Blended Learning, which is underpinned by four fundamental principles:

  1. Coherent cross-platform curriculum: A clear curriculum that spans delivery platforms to create a logical learning path. Learning materials are developed for the specific purpose of the course, not a jumbled collection of previously developed digital media resources and unrelated classroom content.
  2. Methodological soundness: Courses are structured in a principled manner that draws on education theory to create rational sequences of learning challenges. We created Sprint based on best practice in instructional design theory, coupled with task-based learning methodology from our classroom background.
  3. Difficulty gradient: Courses target learning at a space just beyond the reach of the unaided learner. This space is known as the zone of proximal development and ensures that learners are stretched throughout the course. This difficulty gradient must be carefully managed to maintain engagement.
  4. Clear objectives: Courses must have explicit goals for multiple audiences, whether referring to the trainer, learner, line manager, or human resources department. These objectives are directly clearly linked to business outcomes.

This is what makes Learnship Sprint a Next-Generation Blended Learning product with high impact, short courses in Business Presentations, Participating in Meetings, Business Writing, and Business Negotiations.

Robert Szabo, Director of Pedagogy

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