Crown Mobility case study

How Learnship’s flexible language learning solutions help Crown World Mobility deliver quality customer service


For over 50 years, Crown World Mobility has helped organizations big and small to move their employees anywhere in the world, from a few people to large teams of 100+. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company has offices in over 30 countries.


Meeting customer demand for flexible, modern language learning options

Crown World Mobility helps companies move employees internationally, for long- or short-term assignments. Crown offers a wide range of services to make the transition smoother, including language training to help people settle in their new locations.

Crown decided to upgrade its language learning offering in response to two key market trends:

  • People relocating are more tech-savvy and self-sufficient than ten years ago.
  • Crown’s customers increasingly want more choice and flexibility in language training for their relocating employees, including self-paced and digital solutions.

While Crown provides most of its services in-house, the company works with a small group of trusted partners to deliver certain services, including language training. To maintain its reputation for quality service, Crown selects its partners carefully.



Partnering with Learnship to provide high-quality, flexible language training

Since 2018, Crown has partnered with Learnship to provide language learning to relocating employees, Evolve Relocation Language. Learnship’s services cover the entire learning journey, from needs assessment, to training, to evaluation.

Learnship offers a comprehensive range of flexible learning options. Learners can take courses starting from 30 hours long, or choose unlimited duration, depending on their needs and preferences. Evolve Relocation Language helps learners develop a deeper understanding of the language and culture of their new country. The courses cover 12 languages and 40 countries, and are fully customized by the trainer to address the challenges the learner will face in everyday life.

Evolve Relocation Language courses come with indispensable additional resources, such as survival and destination guides, a fluency journal, and a self-study guide.
In response to demand from Crown’s customers, Crown and Learnship also created a joint business plan to develop a new Scandinavian language course.


Exceptional customer satisfaction across 1,000+ language courses delivered

Crown’s customers give a 94% satisfaction rating to Learnship’s language learning courses, which enjoy an 81% participation rate. For Crown, this translates into successful relocations and satisfied customers.

“Our clients appreciate the different options and the quality training their assignees get,” says Joanne Danehl. “We love having options to offer to all our customers, particularly those who embrace technology-based solutions and those who require flexible schedules.”

Learnship’s end-to-end support – from baseline assessments through training to evaluation – enabled Crown to increase the number of language learning programs it provides.

In 2020, Crown’s partnership with Learnship became even more crucial. “Without our relationship with Learnship, our ability to weather the COVID pandemic would have been dramatically diminished,” says Joanne Danehl.

“People welcomed the chance to continue or start language training during lockdown. Learnship stepped in and took the additional learners we sent their way. The real cherry on the cake was that Learnship were willing to adjust the service delivery model to meet customer demand.”

Client Reaction

“We trust our service partners to represent us well to our customers, to be an extension of Crown. Learnship was the right match for us – the product is excellent, and the corporate culture is a great fit for us. We’ve built an incredible partnership based on shared values around customer experience, trust, and transparency.”

Joanne Danehl, Director of Global Skills, Crown World Mobility