Case Studies

Six months to help Chinese talent scale up their English skills at Hirschmann Automotive


Hirschmann Automotive is a leading automotive supplier headquartered in Austria. Their 2,000+ employees are spread across 10 countries, eight production sites and five sales offices.

The company heavily relies on English communications skills to provide top individual customer care worldwide.


Improving internal collaboration with new Chinese hires

Founded in 2013, the Chinese branch of Hirschmann Automotive is located in the Jiangsu province. It currently employs 380 people and develops and produces the whole product range for the Chinese market.

In a country where less that 1% of the population speaks English, Hirschmann Automotive faces three main challenges:

  • Talent shortage in China is further compounded by the fact that Hirschmann is looking to recruit English-speakers to ensure international collaboration. However, new hires often come from local competitors that do not have such proficiency requirements – and English skills’ upscaling becomes essential to new employees.
  • Employees with the expertise and experience need to improve their English skills to better pass on their knowledge within the company.
  • Team leaders also need to improve their English level to better perform in this international working environment.


Piloting a BU-wide Business English blended solution

In 2021, Hirschmann Automotive asked Learnship to help them quickly improve the Business English skills of their Chinese employees, with a focus on both written and oral skills.

With Learnship Solo Premium, employees got access to a range of features that allowed them to improve their communication in English:

  • A personalized daily routine to scale up their Business English vocabulary and grammar.
  • Open access to a range of productivity tools, including email templates to improve productivity, and accents and dialects to work on one’s pronunciation.
  • Exceptionally, Solo came with unlimited Talk with the Teacher sessions. Each learner could take part in group sessions with a professional trainer to improve their oral skills discussing a business topic – as many times a week as they wanted to
  • A personal coach regularly touched base with them to support and motivate them.


High engagement, improved proficiency and collaboration

As a result of Learnship’s unique product design and coaching, each learner used Solo 6.5 hours / month on average.

Healthy competition within the work force has produced very successful results:

  • Over a short period of 6 months, 60% of the learners achieved one level up – and 10% upgraded 2 levels or more!
  • Managers and program owner at Hirschmann Automotive noticed improved internal communication efficiency, and improved working atmosphere.
  • Overall learners enjoyed learning with Solo, finding the platform very flexible and business-relevant.

Client Reaction

“Beyond the online platform that was easy to use and flexible, what we appreciated most was the great customer services.”

Enzo Qian, Program Owner, Hirschmann (Nantong) Automotive Co. Ltd.