Learnship News Feed, AI-Language Learning

Learnship makes news with Artificial Intelligence language training

Learnship’s Solo and Sprint customers now have free access to an AI-powered News Feed that automatically generates daily learning exercises from leading global news sources.

Articles from outlets such as BBC News, CNN, and Time, are automatically scanned and presented to learners based on their subject interest and level of English reading ability.

The News Feed generates skill-based exercises from every article’s grammar and vocabulary that test the learner’s reading and listening comprehension and even their ability to pronounce the content.

Learners love Learnship’s News Feed

Learners from some of Learnship’s biggest customers trialed the News Feed in a two-month global pilot program, with encouraging results.

  • 86% of learners were satisfied with the selection of articles
  • 89% valued the quality of the exercises.
  • 93% will continue using News Feed in the future

The pilot program also gathered critical data on preferences regarding content, exercises, and functionality, allowing the development team to build-in processes to push specific content based on country, client, and even professional profiles.

The News Feed is a great complement to our training courses, said Learnship’s Director of Pedagogy, Rob Szabo. “It helps learners master trending vocabulary and boosts self-paced learning engagement levels by presenting them with content they have an interest in.”

Learners can choose to receive content from categories such as news, business, technology, sports, and health.

The Power of AI

The News Feed was developed in-house by Learnship and supports our commitment to creating engaging learning experiences that deliver measurable results with immediate business impact.

This feature demonstrates how Artificial Intelligence can add real value to the learning experience,” said Oliver Trabert, Chief Technology Officer at Learnship. “To not only offer a source of news each day in a learner’s chosen subjects, at a level that matches their language ability but to then integrate it into a daily learning routine shows the power of Artificial Intelligence.

The News Feed is the first step in an ambitious 2021 product development roadmap at Learnship.