Global ICT Launch

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Learnship launches Intercultural Training in the U.S. 

Learnship is now launching its newly developed Intercultural Training program in the U.S. Addressing employees of global organizations, the program explores cultural differences, deepens knowledge of communication styles and develops practical skills for working across cultures in everyday business life. Learnship´s training provides practical strategies for participants collaborating with global teams, working in specific cultures or relocating to another country.

Tracy Schreiber, Head of Intercultural Training at Learnship, says: “I am looking forward to the launch of our program in the U.S., after having successfully launched it in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in January and in France in May of this year. Our programs prepare employees for their global assignments and tasks in an optimal way, offering both the personal guidance of our experienced intercultural trainers along with the flexibility of our online learning platform. We tailor our intercultural training to individual needs to ensure participants learn exactly what they need for success in their roles.”

Participants prepare for the live training sessions with innovative e-learning courses, learning when, where and at a pace that suits them. Following the live training sessions, participants can add Culture Coaching to further deepen specific skills that are relevant to their individual challenges.

The sessions take place in Learnship’s virtual classroom with highly qualified intercultural trainers from our global pool of trainers. All Learnship’s expert trainers have several years of experience working in their specialist cultures and extensive business expertise. They adapt flexibly to the needs of the participants, supported throughout by Learnship’s own Intercultural Training Academy.

Sample training sessions are available for Learning & Development and Global Mobility program managers who would like to learn more about the benefits of working with Learnship.

This page was written prior to our acquisition of GlobalEnglish so some of the copy may be a little confusing. Please excuse any reference to GlobalEnglish or out-dated product names. GlobalEnglish’s One platform is now known as Learnship Solo and is a core part of our offering. You can learn more here.