Expanding our relationship with Crown World Mobility

Learnship is expanding its co-operation with Crown World Mobility in the area of relocation language training. Learnship is providing online, face-to-face language training to Crown World Mobility’s clients on a global base.

While relocating employees from Crown World Mobility’s clients were learning the language of their host country in a traditional in-person setting so far, they can now opt for trainer-led virtual classroom training too, using Learnship’s proprietary online platform. With this innovative and flexible learning format, Learnship and Crown World Mobility want to transform the language learning experience for Crown’s clients.

Moreover, Crown World Mobility is also enhancing the flexibility of their relocation programs and gaining operational efficiencies.

Jurgen Zyderveld, VP, Crown World Mobility comments: “Learnship’s virtual language training product is a fantastic addition to the services we offer our clients.”

Sushel Bijganath, Learnship Founder and CEO, adds: “As a global market leader in face-to-face online language training, we put the learner-trainer relationship at the center of the learning experience. Our training solutions offer employees maximum flexibility to learn a language at any time and from any location worldwide. We’re looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

This page was written prior to our acquisition of GlobalEnglish so some of the copy may be a little confusing. Please excuse any reference to GlobalEnglish or out-dated product names. GlobalEnglish’s One platform is now known as Learnship Solo and is a core part of our offering. You can learn more here.