Learnship provides a business solution that does not depend on location

As the leading provider of professional face-to-face online foreign language training, we understand your business’s need to be able to organize and manage all training centrally, and have developed the perfect solution for you: a digital Training Management System, enabling us to be a one-stop shop for the organization of all your worldwide training, in accordance with the highest standards, at low cost and with maximum learning progress.

We would be pleased to design an individual concept in line with your training needs.

Global and Efficient Training Management – Company-Wide

In the digital Learnship Training Management System, all organizational areas relating to your foreign language training are closely linked. (Partially) automated processes are developed for you, in line with the requirements of your business solution. If requested, we will provide the whole learning platform in the look and feel of your company.

Characteristics of the Learnship Training Management System:

  1. Suitable for global application
  2. Reliable
  3. Includes tailor-made processes and reports

Your business solution, step by step

Employee Information

Your employees are informed about the Learnship method, courses and processes on a website created for you.


Your employees can register themselves for a course or free private session via the website.

Needs Assessment

Using a partially automated process, we assess the needs of each employee online in three steps: 1) Written Grading Test / 2) Oral Grading Test / 3) Needs Assessment by Online Questionnaire


Your employees book their language courses via the Learnship learning platform.

Choice of Trainer

Each course trainer is individually selected from the Learnship database according to qualification, specialization and professional experience.

Development of Training Programs

Your employees’ training programs are individually designed according to a modular concept.


Appointments are booked or canceled through our multilingual customer service or via the platform itself.


Your courses are organized by dedicated contacts from the Learnship project management team.

Quality Assessment

The continual monitoring of sessions, regular participant surveys and digital warning systems ensure the quality of your training.

Assessment of Achievement

Learning achievement is recorded by means of tests and participant surveys.


You receive regular reports in a format agreed with you or via interfaces. You also have access to online statistics which may be filtered according to country, company or department.


Invoices for training are rendered to you centrally.

Your Advantages – An Overview

By introducing our flexible, online face-to-face training, as well as our effective Training Management System, you will be able to maximize the quality of your training, thus save time and money.

Contact us for a free private session, without obligation.

  • Unlimited availability of specialist online face-to-face training
  • High-quality training and wide portfolio of courses in all locations
  • Central Training Management System with dedicated contacts and multilingual customer service
  • Efficiency due to standardization and automation
  • Central, individual reporting
  • High level of direct and indirect cost savings

Learnship – Complete for all Training Elements

Would you also like to organize other types of language training in accordance with Learnship’s high standards?

No problem: we are pleased to integrate other providers into our Training Management System.

Learnship’s complete solution, as illustrated by the example using Bertelsmann. And what can we do for you?