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Country-specific training and cultural-intelligence for learners who need to gain a better understanding of a specific region and its working culture.

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Break new ground

This deep dive encompasses local business etiquette and practical communication strategies. It’s perfect for anyone planning an important business trip or looking to build long-term collaborative relationships abroad.

The skills we focus on:

  • Working with counterparts & succeeding on business trips
  • In-depth cultural intelligence
  • Business etiquette and culture
  • Communication styles
  • Strategies for success
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One program, four units

Our Culture Focus program comprises four training units:

Unit One


Understanding companies in the target country

Unit Two

Communication styles in the target country

Unit Three


Navigating the business culture of the target country

Unit Four


Working in the target country

Training duration

Learners can complete the program in a series of two or four-hour online, face-to-face training sessions, scheduled at their convenience.

You can schedule programs for individual employees or as group training for a team facing similar cultural challenges.



8 hours of live training


16 hours of live training

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