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Give your employees the cross-cultural skills they need to thrive in international working environments and global virtual teams.

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Illustration of two women passing a mobile phone and briefcase between them to demonstrate cross-cultural skills.

Going beyond language

The best intercultural communicators blend specific business and cross-cultural skills. This course is for employees who want to focus on their behaviour. We ask participants to consider their personal working style and how this can be adapted when working across cultures.

The skills we focus on:

Working successfully in global teams

  • Challenges of global teams
  • The SPLIT framework
  • The culture map dimensions
  • Intercultural stumbling blocks

Leading global teams

  • Challenges of global teams
  • Decoding the global leader
  • Building successful global teams
  • Structuring global team communication

Presenting across cultures

  • Challenges of presenting across cultures
  • Impact of behavioral aspects
  • Presenting with a global mindset
  • Strategies for effective cross-cultural delivery

Negotiating across cultures

  • Anatomy of a negotiation
  • Negotiating across cultural terrain
  • Communication and influencing styles
  • Virtual negotiations


Cross-cultural conflict resolution

  • Understanding cross-cultural conflict
  • Approaches to conflict management
  • Minimizing the potential for conflict
  • The conflict resolution process



Training duration

Learners can complete the program in a series of two or four-hour online training sessions, scheduled at their convenience.

You can schedule programs for individual employees or as group training for a team facing similar communications challenges.



8 hours of live training


16 hours of live training

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