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Transformational Technology

Supporting human-centered learning with transformational technology

While keeping the trainer-learner relationship at the heart of our service, we support it with innovative technology to transform the language learning experience.
We take the best of language training from the physical world and enhance it, improve it, and extend it for the benefit of learners, trainers, and program managers. 

Two notebook screens showing how transformational technology supports human-centric learning

Powerful online learning platform

Our Virtual Classroom technology gives your employees access to the best language and intercultural trainers in the world, from wherever they want to learn, and whenever it’s most convenient, with the ability to reschedule sessions up to six hours in advance.
A dedicated member area also gives your employees instant access to all training materials, including vocabulary lists created in class, as well as the power to schedule and rearrange sessions at their convenience.  They can also update their contact information, including changing time zones or phone numbers.

Notebook showing the unique features of Learnship

Virtual Classroom makes teaching easy

Our Virtual Classroom technology also extends the capabilities of our world-class trainers, who can pull whatever training materials they need from our online libraries, as well as having access to a variety of online training tools to best meet the needs of each individual session.

Fully digital training program

Over the past ten years, we have digitally transformed the entire learning management process for HR and L&D managers, including global deployments, learner assessments, onboarding, process automation, quality assurance, and real-time reporting. 

Desktop showing the technology of Learnship

Technology supporting analytics and reporting

Our online dashboard gives your program managers instant access to the course information, live data, and comprehensive reports they need for successful deployment and thorough analyses.

  • Detailed syllabus
  • Active courses
  • Participant registrations
  • Attendance confirmations
  • Course progress
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