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Business Language Modules

Language learning for specific business purposes

Short, standardized training modules designed to accelerate learning in specific skills such as business presentations, negotiations or team leadership, or to help your employees quickly understand the particular language and communication styles of your industry or profession. 
Our online, face-to-face training method allows us to give your employees access to language trainers with extensive experience in their specific industry or profession. Similarly, we can also help you access trainers with expertise in the communications skill your employees are looking to master.

Who is it for?

Any employee who wants to accelerate or advance their language learning in a particular subject area, or work specifically on their development of a particular communications skill. 
Skill-based and industry-specific language training programs are available for individual learners or groups (up to four participants) with similar language proficiencies and shared goals.

Group of people in office working on a project, respresenting Learnship team of content developers who ensures training materials address current topics and trends in a specific industry

Contemporary training materials

Our in-house team of content developers ensures training materials address current trends in your industry, including the latest phrases and vocabulary. 

Business Language Modules – program summary

  • Program design

    Our proven, systematic course design is adapted for individual learners based on oral and written assessments, and a needs analysis taken ahead of the course.

    All sessions are hosted by the same trainer via our online, face-to-face virtual classroom, with trainers selected based on their relevant experience, skills, and training style.

  • Learning materials

    We adapt multimedia training materials based on the Common European Framework (CEF) to meet the needs of your individual learners. Our in-house team of content developers ensures materials cover the latest trends in your industry with up-to-date vocabulary, including any company-specific terms and phrases where required.

  • Course duration

    Programs typically consist of 20 x 60-minute sessions for individual programs and 25 x 60-minute sessions for groups. Programs with 90-minute sessions are also available.

  • Scheduling

    Learners can manage their own program commitments and reschedule sessions up to six hours in advance.

  • Testing & evaluation

    We provide chapter quizzes throughout the program with a final examination on completion of the course for those who require it.

  • Language requirement

    A minimum prerequisite for these courses is A1 or B2 Common European Framework (CEF) level, depending on the topic.

Business Language Modules – sample skills development

  • Skills focus

    – Business correspondence
    – Business negotiations
    – Presentation delivery
    – Telephone communication

  • Department focus

    – Accounting
    – Customer support
    – Marketing
    – Project management
    – Sales

  • Industry focus

    – Automotive
    – Banking
    – Finance
    – Media
    – Pharmaceuticals
    – Real Estate

Other language and intercultural training courses for employees

With our foreign language and intercultural courses we help your employees to communicate successfully in international business settings. Ultimately, their enhanced foreign language and cultural competencies will help your company to achieve its goals in a globalized world.

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