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Relocation Language Training

Language training to help expats succeed

Our relocation training is developed with country-specific relocation experts to help your employees and their families to develop a deeper understanding of the language, culture, business and social environments of their new country.
Having worked with some of the world’s largest relocation service providers for many years, we’ve identified the vital areas of language learning required for overseas success.
Our online, face-to-face approach in our Virtual Classroom means that programs can be designed to begin before your employee’s move, to prepare them for the experience ahead, and then continue with the same trainer after relocation to address issues as they arise during their transition.

Who is it for?

Employees looking to ease the pressure of relocation for themselves and their families, by establishing a basic proficiency in the local language, and an understanding of the cultural differences they will encounter as they transition into their new job.
To help your employees develop cultural intelligence beyond language learning, we also offer a range of Intercultural Training courses.

Group of friends eating at a restaurant and embracing the relocation experience

Embracing the relocation experience

The pressures of moving to another country will often be felt most by your employee’s spouse and family. Our courses designed for families to take together will give them the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to embrace and enjoy the entire relocation experience.

Relocation Language Training – program summary

  • Program design

    Programs based on our proven, systematic course design are developed in conjunction with a local relocation expert to capture the cultural nuances of each country.

    Your employees and their families will be introduced to their new country’s heritage, culture, customs, and language with sessions tailored to address their individual circumstances, challenges, and concerns.

  • Learning materials

    We combine multimedia language training materials based on the Common European Framework (CEF) with our own country-specific relocation materials.

    Our in-house team of content developers can also incorporate business and general language topics, with a focus on industry, company, or job-specific skills and cultural issues as required.

  • Course duration

    Programs typically consist of 23 x 60-minute sessions for individual employees and 38 x 45-minute sessions for families.

  • Scheduling

    Learners can manage their own program commitments and reschedule sessions up to six hours in advance.

  • Testing & evaluation

    Ongoing evaluation can be supplemented with an assessed presentation at the end of the course.

  • Language requirement

    None. Courses are available at all levels.

Other corporate language and intercultural training courses for employees

With our foreign language and intercultural courses we help your employees to communicate successfully in international business settings. Ultimately, their enhanced foreign language and cultural competencies will help your company to achieve its goals in a globalized world.

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