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Quality Assurance

Best quality for your language and intercultural training

Our comprehensive quality management systems and processes reduce your administration time and ensure the highest delivery standards for all your learners, globally.
By developing uniform standards for every stage of our global language and intercultural training, we give you a simple process to roll-out global initiatives across different departments, business units and countries while maintaining highest levels of quality.

Uniform quality assurance to improve performance and reduce costs

Our quality management covers all aspects of your training program:

  • Onboarding of employees & deployment of program
  • Global assessment & testing
  • Pedagogy & training processes
  • Training quality & reporting

Proven pedagogy for consistent results

All our language training programs are based on the Common European Framework (CEF) to ensure that language levels as well as final exams are comparable – worldwide.

Raising the bar for the best trainers

Our initial screening program ensures that all our trainers are certified language instructors, as well as being native speakers with business experience and relevant professional expertise.
Trainers must then graduate from our Learnship Academy, where they become fluent in the effective online, face-to-face learning methods, which we have refined over the past ten years.
All trainers are continually assessed throughout every deployment and participate in their own ongoing development programs. 

Centralized , location-independent evaluation

Our online platform facilitates uniform assessment, deployment, and testing worldwide to allow real-time comparisons of program utilization, learner satisfaction, and progress. 
Any discrepancies are immediately identified through our automated systems, and issues can be escalated and addressed as appropriate.

Recognized, rewarded quality

Graphic showing different awards Learnship earned
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