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Program Management

Our support for your training programs

Working with thousands of international organizations over the past ten years, we have developed a range of innovative training program management tools, standardized processes for quality assurance at every stage of the learning process, and professional support materials to engage your employees and promote your Language Training programs.

We make your program managers’ experience as rewarding as your learners’

  1. Real-time online reporting
  2. Uniform quality assurance
  3. Internal marketing support 
  4. Cost effective deployment

Desktop showing the Learnship HR Manager Dashboard

Fully digital training management system

Our Training Management System (TMS) provides automated processes and data access to help you manage all areas of your global Language and Intercultural Training programs, tailored to the specific requirements of your business.  


Effective onboarding and global deployment

Our digital tools for learner onboarding and communication reduce your administration time, and eliminate costs. Evaluation of learner needs, skill level assessment, customized course design, trainer selection, and lesson scheduling are all incorporated into our TMS to deliver an effective onboarding and global deployment service.


Program manager discussing the language learning programs in a room

Systems integration for seamless program management

We seamlessly integrated a range of training components into our central system, including our Virtual Classroom, the employee platform with learning materials, the training management area, and HR reporting.

Learner outreach, registration, assessment, and training materials can all be automated from a single source within your bespoke system.

We can even integrate third-party providers into our TMS, giving you the option to manage, measure, report and bill all your Language Learning programs from our central system, as well as integrate elements of our TMS into your own broader talent management platforms where required.

Woman and man working on language learning program overview on a notebook

Program overview

  • Number of active courses
  • Detailed syllabus
  • Participants registration
Young man works on his notebook on language training

Learners overview

  • Learner profiles
  • Attendance stats
  • Course progress
Man working in his office on the administration


  • Live data
  • Monthly reports
  • Learner satisfaction feedback

Real-time reporting configured for the data you need to see and share, with whoever needs to see it, whenever it’s needed.

  • Real-time reporting

    Our real-time, online reporting provides a complete overview of language and intercultural learning activities across your organization. We report to you regularly on session progress, participation rates, training success, and participant satisfaction.

  • Instant access for program managers

    Program Managers have continual online access to our reporting as we coordinate, monitor, and optimize all of your company´s language training activities.In real time, they can obtain a detailed overview of sample sessions, evaluations, and live courses, as well as attendance and learning progress. Data can be retrieved for individual learning units or consolidated to see all of the sessions and related information for a specific learner.

  • Management reporting and authorization levels

    While you have access to all the information you need, we recognize that not everyone on your team should be able or will want to see every piece of live data.

    We will work with you to design reports with whatever depth of data and frequency of delivery you need for colleagues and senior managers. We can also set up different authorization levels so that everyone on your team sees only what they should see.

  • Learner satisfaction reports

    Throughout every learning program, we are gathering user satisfaction data at three points in time, from learners and trainers, via our automated course feedback system. We share all this data with you in real-time, so that you know exactly how satisfied your employees are with the Learnship service.

Our courses to enhance the language and intercultural skills of your employees

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