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Learnship Sprint

Short Course. High Impact 

Short, high impact courses designed for workers who need the communication skills to do business in a second language, without having to invest the time and money in a long-term language program.

Five Weeks. Two Hours. One Goal

A five-week online trainer-led course with progressive learning modules focused on improving a specific communication skill with just two hours of training a week.  

Next-Generation Blended Learning 

A purpose-built, cross-platform curriculum with a logical learning path between self-paced digital exercises, trainer-led classes, and mobile app assignments, accelerates skill development.


Premium Trainers. Positive Engagement

Highly qualified trainers, with experience in virtual business communication, work with learners on real business scenarios designed to develop their understanding and correct application of skills-related language. 

Learnship Academy

All Sprint trainers are graduates of our Learnship Academy, with proven skills in online training ability, as well as language training qualifications. Only 5% of applicants qualify and graduate from the Academy.


Notebook showing the unique features of Learnship

Proven, Proprietary Technologies

We deliver Sprints via the same award-winning Virtual Classroom used for our premium online, face-to-face training, and enhanced versions of the digital platform and mobile app used by millions of learners around the world.  

AI-Augmented Placement Test

A comprehensive online test addressing the four language skills (grammar, listening, reading, and speaking), places learners in one of three learning levels for each Sprint, aligned with the CEFR Scale.

Join our free 15 min Sprint webinar!

Language: English
Tuesday, May 19th – 11 am CET – Register here
Tuesday, May 19th –   2 pm CET – Register here

Thursday, May 28th – 10.30 am CET – Register here
Thursday, May 28th –  5 p.m CET – Register here

Language: German
Wednesday, May 20th – 11 am CET – Register here
Wednesday, May 20th – 2 pm CET – Register here

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