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Category: Blog

As of 2019, Learnship is home to over 200 employees in offices across Europe, the USA and Asia. Our Corporate HR management team is responsible for recruiting and ensuring the ultimate company culture experience experience for employees within Learnship. One of our most valuable assets, our Corporate HR management team proudly reflects and promotes the […]

Can you learn a language without a teacher? First, an often overlooked fact: we all speak our own mother tongue (almost) perfectly. As children, we didn’t learn to speak on our own however. We didn’t just have one, but several teachers : parents, relatives and friends were constantly by our sides throughout the learning process. […]


We’re celebrating GOLD around the globe this week at Learnship GlobalEnglish for award-winning campaigns with our clients at Avon Products, Inc., China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), Fortinet, and NTT Data Corporation, led by teams out of Brazil, China, Mexico, and Italy. And these aren’t any old Gold Awards. The Brandon Hall Group Human Capital […]

As an international training organization, Learnship contributes to the development of individuals, companies and institutions around the world. Our promise to keep Humans at the heart of training is part of a broader Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach. Beyond customer satisfaction, we are committed to providing consistent and sustainable solutions, and to meeting our stakeholders’ […]

Group of people in office working on a project, respresenting Learnship team of content developers who ensures training materials address current topics and trends in a specific industry

In January 2019, we launched our Culture Change intercultural program, dedicated to expatriates and their families. At Learnship, we are particularly sensitive to this question: based in Germany, France, Switzerland and the United States, we welcome employees of all nationalities, many of whom have had expatriation experience!

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