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Category: Blog

Reports that the way we work, the way we shop, the way we learn, etc. will be changed forever because of the global pandemic are likely overblown. As the advertising legend Bill Bernbach said back in the 1950s: “ It took millions of years for man’s instincts to develop. It will take millions more for them to even […]

In 2019, we celebrated GOLD around the globe at Learnship GlobalEnglish for award-winning campaigns with our clients at Avon Products, Inc., China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), Fortinet, and NTT Data Corporation, led by teams out of Brazil, China, Mexico, and Italy. And these aren’t any old Gold Awards. The Brandon Hall Group Human Capital […]

  Blended Learning has become a catch-all term for any program that combines online and face-to-face learning. But the truth is that many such programs could more accurately be described as Blended Delivery rather than Blended Learning. The delivery of the program may be blended across platforms, but the learning experience is isolated within each […]

  When Learnship acquired GlobalEnglish in 2019, it brought together decades of experience in digital and online, face-to-face language learning. It also created the industry’s largest product development team with deep expertise in pedagogy, content development, and learning technology. Learnship Sprint is a brand-new language learning product, built from the ground-up to offer short, impactful training […]

In science, the opposite of a good idea is usually proven to be a bad idea. But in the arts, the opposite of a good idea can often be another good idea. The world of corporate language learning over the past 20 years has been polarized between two competing ideas: those committed to the essential […]

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