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Introducing Learnship’s Course Management Team

Introducing Learnship’s Course Management Team

By Lauren Allum, Course Management, Learnship

Hailing from all four corners of the world, speaking a total of 19 languages, and based in Cologne and Chicago, the Course Management (CM) team is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse teams in the Learnship family.

Not just well travelled, this group has a wealth of experience in different career sectors before starting at Learnship including marketing, PR, tourism, linguistics, education, and finance – experience which makes each team member valuable for their skills and perspectives in their role here with us.

Due to the contact they have daily with trainers and the responsibility of ensuring all courses are prepared for the start, you could say they are the final piece in the Learnship puzzle.

On average Course Management is responsible for scheduling around a thousand online and onsite courses per month. Yet the work is so much more than just that. Divided into three sub-departments – Training Operations, Onsite Coordination and Test Administration – each equipped with their own specialist skills and function, the Course Management team help ensure the smooth running of courses from start to finish.

Working closely with other Learnship teams, each team member is quick and organised, especially in daily challenges and problem-solving situations such as the coordination of trainer holidays, course takeovers and managing test assignment and results. We are even trained to provide support with IT and technical problems!

Course Management also provide test briefings and administration trainings for new trainers as well as ongoing support throughout the day. Communication even extends to external companies such as onsite partner schools and test correctors.

Most recently, we made progress in the digitisation of test administration team processes, and also refreshed the administration training for around 200 trainers!

But Course Management doesn’t just provide the best support to trainers and clients. Team members are also keen to share their knowledge and skills amongst each other to ensure each member feels welcome and has the chance to develop. Our newest recruit Jonathon said of his first few weeks in the Test Administration team: “My first weeks couldn’t have been easier, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I find there is a very positive atmosphere in the office and everyone seems willing to help each other out.”

This point of view is also maintained by longer serving employees, who affirm that it really is the colleagues and cooperation as a team which makes the department great at what they do.

For Training Operations Manager Sandra, getting to work in an international team has been rewarding in several ways. “There are so many different perspectives and ideas for tackling problems. Also, the chance to use my language skills daily means I am always learning and challenging myself”, she says.

Aside from the mixture of nationalities, outside of Learnship this is a young and motivated team of musicians, explorers, mothers, designers, chefs, football fans, bookworms, cake-bakers, artists, gamers and much more!

Learnship’s ambition to provide the ultimate language learning experience starts here – we challenge you to find another team this diverse!


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