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Introducing Learnship Sprint: Next-Generation Blended Learning

Introducing Learnship Sprint: Next-Generation Blended Learning


When Learnship acquired GlobalEnglish in 2019, it brought together decades of experience in digital and online, face-to-face language learning. It also created the industry’s largest product development team with deep expertise in pedagogy, content development, and learning technology.

Learnship Sprint is a brand-new language learning product, built from the ground-up to offer short, impactful training programs to develop the business skills language learners most need to succeed in the global workplace.

We call it Next-Generation Blended Learning.

Over the past ten years, we have worked with hundreds of thousands of language learners, in all types of business environments, in all areas of the world. We have come to understand the most critical communication skills that business language learners need to develop.

With Sprint, we have created the most effective language learning experience to develop those skills. Fast.

Our first four Sprints focus on Business Presentations, Participating in Meetings, Business Writing, and Business Negotiations. In just five weeks, learners will be able to raise their game in these critical skills, no matter what their current level of language fluency.

Sprint is the most exciting product development I’ve been involved in since we founded Learnship in 2008. We think it will be a transformational product for our business and for our customer’s training programs around the world.

Sushel Bijganath, CEO of Learnship

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