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Learn From Home, Train From Home

Over the past ten years, thousands of Learnship trainers have led online training sessions with hundreds of thousands of learners around the world. As global workforces face increasing levels of travel restrictions our network of over 1,400 online trainers continues to offer high-quality remote learning for our global clients enabling their employees to learn from home, as they work from home.

As many corporate trainers and employees are forced to train from home and learn from home for the first time, we asked our trainers to share their experience and provide advice on how to deliver successful online training programs.

Our 3 top tips for training online

  1. Expectations
    It’s always a good idea to discuss your expectations from the students and their expectations from the course and the teacher. Especially with group classes, it can be a good idea to discuss best practices in class, e.g. should they raise their hand during the sessions or just start speaking?
  2. Interacting with students
    Speak slowly and clearly (even more than in the physical classroom!) When speaking through a microphone, our voices will not be as clear as when speaking in-person. Consider also that you may experience audio delays. Allowing plenty of silence after asking a question or after the student speaks will help avoid interruptions and provide a more natural conversation flow.
  3. Keeping in touch
    The great thing about teaching online is that we can be social without worrying about social distancing. Attending PED Sessions, Trainer’s Cafes and Admin Sessions are great ways to develop your online teaching skills, Share your experience and meet with other trainers who are also working from home.

Over the coming weeks, we plan to share more information and advice on how to deliver successful online corporate training programs.

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