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Internal Support

Marketing materials help you promote training programs internally

We provide a range of supporting activities and professional marketing materials to engage internal audiences and promote your Language and Intercultural training programs.
We also support the engagement of learners during their language programs with self-management tools and ongoing engagement programs.
We get in touch with learners directly if our data show, for example, that attendance is shrinking.

Internal marketing, communications for deployment and implementation support

  • Internal marketing materials
  • Virtual Classroom demonstrations
  • Free sample sessions
  • Self-booking and scheduling platform

Internal marketing support

As your corporate language learning partner, we’ll provide you with all the support materials you need to introduce us and effectively promote your programs across your organization. 
Employee events, roadshows, and webinars hosted via our Virtual Classroom to give your stakeholders and learners first-hand experience of our learning platform. Digital brochures and customized content for your intranet and internal websites to help your employees understand their full range of language learning options. Free sample lessons to let your potential learners and their managers see the power and effectiveness of our online, face-to-face training approach. 

Self-management and scheduling platform

Our Training Management System has the flexibility to give your departments, or even individual learners, the power to initiate their own programs with online booking, assessment, scheduling, and payment processes. 

The Learnship platform – a communications hub

Trainers not only plan, deliver and document their instruction through the Learnship platform – called Training Management System –, they also communicate directly with your learners, offering feedback, and further study suggestions.
Your learners can manage their own programs via the Member Area of the Training Management Platform, including rescheduling training sessions up to six hours in advance to accommodate unforeseen work commitments.

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