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Intercultural Training

Intercultural training for international success

There’s more to global communication than learning a new language. Your global employees need to understand a country’s culture as well as its words and learn how to adapt their behavior and communication accordingly.

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Cultural awareness training

A lack of awareness for cultural norms or the understanding of local behaviors can often undermine global communications and workplace behavior, leading to:

  • missed business opportunities
  • team conflicts
  • lack of compliance
  • poor performance
  • unhappy expats
Man laughing at his notebook and engaging online, face-to-face intercultural training

Engaging online, face-to-face intercultural training

Our innovative online, face-to-face approach gives your employees direct access to a highly qualified intercultural trainer, the flexibility to participate remotely, and the benefit of micro-learning modules built on a progressive pedagogical approach.

Our programs deliver high engagement and success rates as measured by both training results and participant feedback.

Transforming intercultural training

Our Intercultural Business Training helps your employees develop the cultural intelligence they need to succeed in global business.

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Based on theories of intercultural masterminds

Our in-house team of subject matter experts and writers have designed a modular online, face-to-face program based on world-renowned intercultural theories.
In-depth analysis of existing literature and studies, combined with the practical and extensive cross-cultural business experience of our experts and trainers delivers a more communicative and engaging path towards intercultural behavioral transformation.
Our transformational approach makes intercultural training a relevant, valuable, and accessible option for more of your employees.

A global network of cultural trainers

A vital part of our development process was to recruit and develop a global network of the highest-quality intercultural trainers.

Exclusive recruitment

All our trainers must have international business expertise, as well as more than ten years of intercultural training experience, and outstanding coaching skills.

Ongoing trainer development

Every trainer receives induction training at our international accredited Learnship Academy, with briefing sessions before each assignment, ongoing pedagogical support, regular workshops, and peer-to-peer meetings.

Culture Coaching

One-to-one online follow-up sessions with cultural trainers are available to all learners, allowing them to address specific issues or difficulties they experience in working with multicultural teams or adjusting to a new culture. 

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