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Culture Skills

Succeeding in multicultural teams

A range of training modules to help your employees enhance their business and communications skills to be effective in a multicultural team or working environment.
Your employees will be encouraged to reflect on their personal working preferences, as well as those of their team, as they apply experience-based practical business strategies for collaborating across cultures.

Learn more and schedule a sample intercultural training session

Multicultural workgroup for culture skills in a office with a whiteboard

Enhancing and transferring the specific skills needed to work internationally

  1. Working in global teams
  2. Leading global teams
  3. The challenges of virtual teamsĀ 
  4. Presenting across cultures
  5. Negotiating across cultures
  6. Cross-cultural conflict management

Culture Skills for working in global teams

Our Culture Skills program comprises four training units:

  1. Challenges of global teams
  2. The SPLIT framework
  3. The culture map dimensions
  4. Intercultural stumbling blocks

Course details

Your employees can complete the program in a series of 2 or 4-hour online, face-to-face training sessions, scheduled at their convenience.
You can schedule programs for individual employees or as group training for a team facing similar communications challenges.

  1. Individual: 8 hours of live training
  2. Group: 16 hours of live training
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