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Business Language Training

Language skills for your business environment

Our Business Language Training courses are designed to meet the specific needs of each of your employees and delivered by an online trainer with the skills, experience, and teaching style to help them succeed.
We know from experience that the right trainer can make the business language learning experience more productive, more motivating and more fun.
The learner-trainer relationships at the heart of our online language courses help your employees build the confidence they need to communicate effectively as well as achieve certifiable language skills. 

Who is it for?

Professionals who need to communicate at work in a second language and would like to improve their written or verbal language skills.
Language training for professionals can be developed for learners at all levels, with courses designed based on initial assessments and personal goals.
Programs are available for individual learners or groups with similar abilities and shared goals.

Based on a global standard – Common European Framework (CEF)

Business Language Training – program summary

  • Course objectives

    Comprehensive business language skill improvement in all language disciplines. We tailor our online language courses to the language level, strengths, weaknesses, professional goals and social needs of the learner.

    Course content is aligned to the Common European Framework (CEF), and adjusted to meet individual learner requirements, gathered through a personal needs analysis together with oral and written assessments.

  • Skills development

    Courses cover oral fluency, language structure, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading, and writing based on business and general language topics, with a focus on industry, company, or job-specific skills as required.

  • Learning materials

    Our in-house pedagogical experts will select and develop appropriate CEF level-based multimedia materials, which can incorporate industry, company, or job-specific materials as required.

  • Duration

    Course lengths are determined based on each learner’s starting point and target levels. A half-level progression on the CEF scale will typically require 36 x 60-minute sessions, with a full-level progression requiring 72 x 60-minute sessions.
    We also offer options for programs with 90-minute sessions where preferred.

  • Online learning

    Supplemental learning materials are available via our online platform with approximately 20-45 minutes self-study work assigned between personal classes.

  • Scheduling

    Learners can manage their own program commitments and reschedule sessions up to six hours in advance.

  • Testing

    Half-level and full-level CEF scale examinations are built into the program where required, with oral and written progress tests at quarter and three-quarter CEF level completion.

  • Feedback

    Feedback is automatically solicited from learners and trainers throughout the course to identify any issues and make course corrections where needed.

  • Language requirement

    None. Courses are available at all levels.

Man with dog using notebook in his living room, representing the learner benefits of language learning by Learnship

Learner benefits

  • Dedicated personal trainer
  • Distraction-free virtual classroom
  • High degree of personalization
  • Communicative pedagogical approach
  • Online convenience
  • Flexible scheduling

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