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The ultimate language learning experience for trainers

  1. Learnship Academy training
  2. Flexible work schedule
  3. Positive working relationships
  4. Proprietary tools and training materials
  5. Ongoing learning & development

Become a trainer for Learnship

Learnship Academy training

Our Learnship Academy has helped more than 1,000 experienced language and intercultural trainers to elevate their skills and become fluent in the art of online, face-to-face training.

As a graduate of our Learnship Academy you’ll benefit from the tools, processes, and best practices we’ve developed over the past ten years. We’ll help you master the technology, as well as the teaching methods, to deliver the ultimate online learning experience within our corporate language and intercultural training programs.

Flexible work schedule

Our online, face-to-face training approach gives you complete flexibility over your working schedule and your overall lifestyle. We eliminate all those lost travel hours, as well as the stress of finding client offices, and setting up a new classroom for every lesson.
You get to host training sessions from wherever you want, whether that’s the tranquility of your own home, or from remote locations as you broaden your own travel and cultural experience.

Positive working relationships

As a graduate of our Learnship Academy, you’ll be part of the world’s largest online network of business language and intercultural trainers. This means we can match you with learners who can most benefit from, and who will most appreciate your particular experience and training skills.

We extend the matching process beyond language proficiency and a learner’s needs to also include their learning style and business interests. Our commitment to building the learner-trainer relationship can dramatically increase the enjoyment and success of your training experience.

Proprietary tools and training materials

As a Learnship trainer, you’ll have direct access to a range of online tools and training applications that we’ve purpose-built into our Virtual Classroom. We give you everything you need to quickly design stimulating sessions that engage learners with bespoke exercises targeting their areas of need.
Within the Virtual Classroom, you’ll also find a vast library of multimedia training materials. Our in-house team of content developers is continually creating new assets to help you engage learners in discussions around the latest industry trends and help them develop contemporary business vocabularies. 

Ongoing learning & development

At Learnship, it’s not only the learners who learn. We continually measure program effectiveness and satisfaction scores (from trainers as well as learners), to help us improve the services we offer.
Our Learnship Academy provides access to the latest pedagogical thinking and transformational technology, that can help you develop your own skills as an online trainer, as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the ultimate language learning experience.

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